Case Studies / Amware

How Amware, one of the US’ biggest privately held 3PLs, leveraged a custom integration portal to enhance their clients’ supply chain and gain and retain more customers

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First Glance

As a leading ecommerce fulfillment company that utilizes a network which enables 1-2 day ground delivery for 95% of the US population, they focus on providing cost-appropriate, quality service to all their customers.


With their growing clientele, mainly in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) space, the Amware team was receiving a growing number of requests from their customers for different types of platform integrations and automation. They needed a simple solution to satisfy their customers’ demands to continue scaling sustainably. 


Through one of our mutual clients Bombas, Amware reached out to the Sunrise Integration team in 2016 and brought us on as partners so we could develop the right solution for this issue. We’ve been their integration partners ever since.  

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The Challenge

Amware serves a wide array of customers in different verticals (apparel, packaged goods, food products etc.) who use many ecommerce systems and platforms, including Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, NetSuite, Sync ERP, Shopify, Amazon, Channel Advisor, and ShipStation. 


When these customers began asking for a lot of different integrations between these platforms, Amware built an API layer to address these requests. Unfortunately, many of them found it difficult to program against this API since they lacked the appropriate technical knowledge.  

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The Solution

As the Sunrise Integration team went through the discovery process with the Amware team, we decided that instead of developing separate one-off apps for every client or ecommerce solution, we would build one all-encompassing platform called Amware Portal that would cater to their diverse array of clients. 


With this “one-stop shop” portal, Amware’s customers can connect software, platforms and systems throughout the full spectrum of their business:


  • Marketing channels

  • Operations and finance

  • Fulfillment

  • New sales models

  • Post transaction

  • Customer relationship

  • Marketing

  • D2C ecommerce


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The Outcome

The multi-vendor portal would enable Amware’s customers, no matter what industry or vertical they operate in, to unify their workflow and simplify their business operations. By providing a friendly user interface and removing the need for sophisticated technical knowledge, Amware Portal allows for an improved user experience and enhanced automation.


In fact, the process of onboarding a client has become so simple for Amware that what used to take weeks now only takes five minutes. Furthermore, our team helped Amware scale to 20,000 orders a day!


Amware is now able to solve a multitude of complicated problems, such as extending Shopify for support of bundled items. With Amware Portal, a customer is able to convert a "bundled sku" into its core skus, transmit them to the warehouse for fulfillment, and then convert the shipped items back to the "bundled sku" to fulfill in Shopify.  

Looking to the Future

As Amware continues to expand—they recently acquired an LA-based fulfillment company—they will collaborate with us to develop their content in order to strengthen their reputation and continue growing as one of the country’s leading 3PLs.