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Morphe maximizes reach and sales with shoppable video content

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With 10 million views on their influencer-powered videos, Morphe takes their Shopify store experience to the next level through custom product integration in their videos

First Glance

Founded in 2008, Morphe is an innovative international beauty retailer that has mastered the art of influencer marketing to grow their brand. Thanks to their partnerships with popular internet personalities like James Charles, Jaclyn Hill, Bretman Rock and Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, they’ve managed to reach millions of customers, making a lasting mark on the millennial demographic.


Morphe saw a huge opportunity to maximize their social reach by incorporating YouTube videos, which have almost 10 million views, into their Shopify store. Morphe has taken their website to the next level with shoppable video content, helping them increase engagement and sales of their professional grade makeup products.


Morphe retail locations

The Challenge

Morphe wanted to maximize their traffic (millions of visitors every month) and incorporate the broad reach of their social media influencers’ video content into their Shopify store. Their team asked Sunrise Integration web design team to take their marketing videos and tutorials and make them shoppable on their website. This would make it even easier and more fun for customers to purchase their makeup products.


Implementing shoppable video technology can be challenging but the Sunrise Integration development team had the experience to make it a success. One of the first hurdles we encountered was the issue of integrating the interactive video within the existing Shopify architecture while also ensuring a seamless transition to the checkout process. A poorly integrated system can lead to potential buyers abandoning their carts, so it was critical for our team to design a top-notch solution.


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The Solution

Our mission was to implement seamless product integration into Morphe’s video content and subsequently display it on their Shopify store. With a dedicated video section on their website, customers are offered an enhanced, highly interactive experience with the Morphe brand and their influencers. This custom solution encouraged more sales and engagement to further solidify their reputation as an innovative brand. Our UI/UX design team also made sure everything looked top notch.


Shopable Videos


Shoppable videos have transformed the traditional shopping experience, becoming an instant favorite among customers. This interactive experience combines the appeal of visual storytelling with the convenience of online shopping. Customers appreciate shoppable videos as they bring the products to life, showcasing them in real-world contexts and highlighting their features more than static images.


The Sunrise Integration development team helped enhance the buying journey, as customers can watch videos and instantly add the Morphe product to the to cart. Purchasing the products featured in the video is now a simple click away, eliminating the need to navigate through multiple pages.


Sunrise Integration developed shopable videos for Morphe products


The Sunrise Integration video integration team did the following for the Morphe ecommerce store:


  • Developed a custom Shopify theme for the video landing page using Shopify blog engine with Morphe’s YouTube channel video content

  • Built a feature to show shoppable time-stamped products alongside the videos

  • Created video popup on scroll feature - videos continue playing while users scroll the landing page

  • Maintained ADA compliance with video transcriptions

  • Ensured the UI/UX of the video section is seamless with related video section to encourage more browsing and exposure to products

The Outcome

While Morphe had leveraged influencer marketing to massive success, they knew they could take it even further. Together we built a beautiful new gallery of influencer-powered video content that featured products which customers could buy directly from the video page. As a result, Morphe is able to offer their trendy customers an enhanced online store experience that stands out from the competition.

Looking to the Future

Morphe is exploring opportunities to further develop and syndicate content with top tier influencers in addition to the video page. As always, the Sunrise Integration team is committed to being strategic advisors and providing guidance to help Morphe maximize results in their future business development endeavors.