OK Capsule Private Label Supplement Shopify App, Custom API and Platform Development

OK Capsule is Private label supplements made easy

First Glance


The wellness market is all about personalized nutrition, vitamins, and beauty. OK Capsule is at the forefront of this personalized technology with a focus on vitamins and supplements. OK Capsule allows brands to customize their own products and dropship directly to consumers. They provide the technology, products, fulfillment and strategic support enabling businesses to offer personalized supplement packets to their customers.


With such an amazing service, OK Capsule was looking to attract established and new supplement brands. This expansion involved capturing new healthcare professionals and supplement influencers by offering platform apps and a robust API to encourage adoption of the platform. The first part of their plan included the creation of a public Shopify app and platform API for enterprise business users. This is where OK Capsule reached out to Sunrise Integration for expert Shopify development and API integration services.

Custom Shopify App & Integration

The Challenge


The collaboration between OK Capsule and Sunrise Integration involved developing a new Shopify app, integrating with a cloud portal site and creating a new public API. A project of this type had intricate challenges including navigating technical integration, API architecture, UI design, Shopify compliance, data privacy and enterprise infrastructure design. Sunrise Integration employed a strategic approach that leveraged our deep technical expertise and ecommerce know-how. We understood the importance of seamless integration for the success of this project. Sunrise Integration brings 20+ years of experience to project and was inspired to tackle the challenges of this complex rollout.


Private Label Supplements for influencers


Initial Release With Shopify


As part of their rollout strategy, OK Capsule wanted to focus on Shopify for the first release of their service. Shopify is currently the biggest ecommerce store provider, so this rollout strategy makes sense for the initial release. This would allow OK Capsule to reach a large new audience of store owners via the discoverability of Shopify's App Store.


The primary challenge is ensuring seamless integration with Shopify's platform. This means that Sunrise Integration had to focus on a solution that adheres to Shopify's specific technical requirements and compliance standards. Using our knowledge of the Shopify ecosystem and understanding development for high-availability, we were able provide OK Capsule with confidence that their app would match their enterprise needs. There were some key issues that needed to be addressed as part of the development.


  • Deep integration with Shopify

  • Utilizing the latest Shopify API and methodologies

  • Importance of scalability and performance

  • Keeping pace with Shopify's updates

  • Shopify's app store approval guidance


To develop and launch the Shopify app, the process involved more than just basic coding, it requires digging into our deep understanding of Shopify's ecosystem. This includes understanding the Shopify API, its unique communication limits, order management and the specific needs of merchants on the platform.


To be successful, the app needed to be intuitive and add real value to Shopify users who want to launch their own supplement business. The goal is to enhance their experience without complicating the purchasing process. Our development team took up the challenge to make the app easy to navigate, visually appealing and provide features that encourage long-term usage.


Public API for Enterprise Clients


The custom API development adds another layer of complexity to this project. Unlike using pre-built APIs, creating a custom API demands an understanding of OK Capsule's specific needs for enterprise API interactions. This requires meticulous planning, development, and testing to ensure that the API is reliable, efficient, and secure, particularly since it will handle sensitive customer information and transactions.


Custom API development is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it demands a tailored approach. We needed to thoroughly comprehend OK Capsule's processes, data requirements, and functionality expectations to ensure that the API would align perfectly with their operational needs. We considered factors like scalability, integration with other enterprise systems, handling high volumes of data, and maintaining performance under varying loads. There were some key issues that needed to be addressed as part of the development.


  • Enterprise availability

  • Logical design and schema

  • Addressing most required features

  • Support the existing systems and users

  • Security and privacy concerns


Our focus on understanding the specific needs and challenges of OK Capsule were key to the successful execution of this project.

Supplement Technology for Shopify

The Solution


Finding the right solution for OK Capsule involved enterprise planning, detailed documentation and a commitment to technology. To address the myriad of challenges presented, we employed comprehensive, multi-faceted solutions. Our approach was grounded in meticulous enterprise planning, agile development, detailed documentation and a steadfast commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology. Let's review the specific solutions and how we tailored our approach to ensure the success of OK Capsule.


Create custom supplement packs with OK Capsule


The Discovery Process


An enterprise development project of this nature requires a comprehensive discovery. This technical discovery is the initial phase where our development team gathers detailed information about the project needs, expectations and scope. This stage is vital as it lays the groundwork for the entire project, ensuring we have a clear understanding of what needs to be accomplished. We strive to lay a strong foundation for the entire project, ensuring that our team is aligned with OK Capsule's vision and objectives. Our discovery team conducted in-office and Zoom meetings with the various OK Capsule team members. This included gathering feedback and requirements from the technical, marketing and delivery teams.


This in-depth analysis was critical for us to tailor our development to meet their requirements. We discussed the scope of the project, the technology stack, OK Capsule's current tech and the resources required. We developed a detailed project plan with a roadmap, timelines and resource planning. This discovery phase helped us build a strong and collaborative relationship with OK Capsule, which was key to starting the project on the right foot.


Based upon what we learned from the discovery, it was clear we would need a large team to deliver the project on time. To accomplish this development, Sunrise Integration provided two teams who worked in parallel to develop the Shopify app and API services.


OK Capsule Pack Builder Shopify App


The core product for this project was the development of the Shopify app which OK Capsule named the Pack Builder. The Pack Builder is designed to be a public Shopify app that merchants use to build, design and sell their supplement packs within their Shopify store.  After detailing the Pack Builder requirements during the technical discovery, we moved into the next phase, which involved a combined process of research, design, development, and iterative testing.


We started working on the Pack Builder Shopify app, by providing OK Capsule with wireframes and prototypes. Our design team created detailed mockups that reflected the required functionality and user experience of the app. We needed to give OK Capsule a visualization of the app and the expected interactivity. These designs were continuously refined through feedback loops with OK Capsule. Once OK Capsule approved the UI/UX, we handed the project to the development and implementation team.


Development was the next stage. Our Shopify developers used agile methodologies to build the Pack Builder app. This approach allowed for flexibility and adaptability, enabling us to incorporate feedback and make adjustments. Throughout the process we focused on creating a scalable, secure, and high-performing solution that could handle the demands of OK Capsule's users. The final result was a great looking, high performance app for Shopify merchants.


Add the OK Capsule Pack Builder to your Shopify store


Of course nothing goes live without lots of testing. Our testing process was extensive and thorough. We conducted a range of QA services, including unit testing, integration testing, load testing and security testing. We worked with the OK Capsule team to ensure all required features worked as expected.


OK Capsule Portal


It was uncovered during the discover process that OK Capsule planned on expanding their Pack Builder beyond Shopify to include other platforms. Our architecture team proposed a cloud management approach, allowing multiple platforms to use the same portal. This concept yielded the OK Capsule Portal.


The OK Capsule Portal is a standalone cloud site, which connects to the Pack Builder app and eventually other apps. This design required Sunrise Integration to think strategically and adopt a future-centric approach. We needed to ensure seamless integration and future functionality. This required a reliance on the new OK Capsule API as a global abstraction layer. The API connects the OK Capsule portal with the Pack Builder app. We developed custom APIs to facilitate this connection. These APIs were designed to be secure, efficient, and capable of handling real-time data synchronization between the portal and the apps. This ensured that any actions taken in the external app were accurately reflected in the portal.


The OK Capsule Portal is the central hub for all management


Enterprise API


OK Capsule needed a robust API to service their enterprise customers. This audience typically creates their own solutions and rely on the API for direct communication. API design requires detailed documentation and schema design so this was the main focus for this portion of the project. We developed comprehensive documentation and used the Open API specs to create a detailed Swagger page. This included technical specifications, API endpoints, data models, and user scenarios. The documentation served as a blueprint, guiding our developers and ensuring that every team member was aligned with the API requirements.


The public OK Capsule API is for enterprise power users


The API architecture involved our team choosing a robust technology stack for the custom API. We opted for modern, scalable, and secure technologies that could handle the enterprise-level demands of OK Capsule's enterprise users. This choice was critical in ensuring the API's performance, reliability, and security.


Scaling To Meet Demand with AWS


Since both the API and Shopify App require hosting, choosing the right cloud provider was critical. As traffic and services expand, the OK Capsule backend infrastructure needs to scale to match the national rollout. The Sunrise Integration dev-ops team designed a highly available, multi-region AWS infrastructure that supports online growth for both the Shopify App and enterprise API. Our decision was driven by several key factors that underscore AWS's position as an industry leader in providing hosting, especially in the context of the Pack Builder Shopify app and its interconnectivity with the cloud system.


AWS boasts a global network of data centers, ensuring high availability and reliability. The AWS architecture was designed to leverage this reliability and service enterprise-class customers featuring a design that includes:


  • Multi-regional servers to handle nation-wide traffic with the lowest latency

  • Multi-node code containers to handle web traffic

  • Highly available API and servers

  • Automatically scaling servers to meet demand

  • Secure infrastructure and services


AWS offers a rich ecosystem of services and SDK integrations, which was crucial for the development and deployment of OK Capsule's custom API and its integration with Shopify. Our choice to partner with AWS for this project, aligns with our goal to provide state-of-the-art solutions that drive success and growth for our clients in the ecommerce domain.


Ongoing Support and Maintenance


Technology is continually evolving, with new updates and better practices emerging regularly. To ensure that OK Capsule's system remains efficient and secure, it's essential to keep the software updated with the latest technology.


Sunrise Integration provides a comprehensive SLA options to address ongoing needs, ensuring the long-term success and efficiency of the project. Our solution for ongoing support and maintenance is comprehensive, covering every aspect from technical updates to user experience enhancements. We provide a dedicated team to ensure that OK Capsule’s system remains robust, secure, and aligned with their business trajectory, ensuring their continued success and growth in the ecommerce landscape.


The Outcome


After months of design, development and testing, the final outcome was ready. We are thrilled to celebrate the successful approval and launch of the Pack Builder Shopify app, OK Capsule portal, and the custom API. This achievement stands as a testament to the dedication, skill, and collaborative effort of our team, coupled with the guidance and support from OK Capsule. The journey to this milestone was immensely rewarding, marked by shared goals, innovative problem-solving and a deep commitment to excellence.


The OK Capsule app is now live in the Shopify App Store and ready for merchant install.


OK Capsule makes it safe and easy to drop-ship private label supplements in custom branded, eco-friendly vitamin packs.


Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate a continued partnership with OK Capsule. We are excited about the prospect of ongoing work, supporting and enhancing these platforms, and exploring new avenues to drive growth and success. Our team remains committed to providing support, innovative solutions and strategic guidance to ensure that OK Capsule stays at the forefront of supplement technology. Here's to a future of continued collaboration, groundbreaking achievements, and shared success!


If your a health influencer or medical professional, we highly recommend OK Capsule as your private label supplement partner. Whether you're launching a new venture or managing a thriving enterprise, OK Capsule simplifies the process of drop-shipping private label supplements in eco-friendly, custom-branded daily vitamin packs.