How Sunrise Integration’s Shopify POS app enabled Quay Australia to pivot from in-store to virtual during COVID-19

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First Glance

Quay celebrity representatives Kylie Jenner, Jasmine Sanders, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez, Lizzo


Quay Australia is a popular eyewear brand that offers young trendsetters affordable and fashionable sunglasses online and in stores. With colorful branding and endorsements by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lopez, they’ve carved out a lasting place for themselves in the marketplace.


Realizing a large opportunity for affordable prescription eyewear with the Gen Z market segment, Quay Australia embarked on a trial launch of a new prescription product line to younger customers in early 2020.


In order to deliver the exceptional customer experience expected by a younger generation embedded in the culture of Digitally Native Vertical Brands (DNVB), Quay decided to launch retail kiosks in several malls across the US. The Quay team knew that executing this required a highly strategic approach to omni-channel and technology, with careful planning and flawless technical implementation. The experience in developing these seamless omni-channel experiences and automations was paramount to success - which is why they approached Sunrise Integration for help.


We took the time to understand their business goals and developed solutions for every stage of the journey. Our team did more than just build solutions; we became a part of their team and embedded ourselves in the entire process to maximize results amidst a global pandemic.


Sunrise Integration has done a tremendous job taking our idea from conception to execution. They did more than build out our technical needs - they worked as if they were a critical part of the Quay team.

Luba B.

Quay Project Manager


The Challenge

In Q1 2020 Quay set up a brick and mortar retail showrooms to allow customers to order prescription eyewear. Our team built a sophisticated custom app on Shopify POS to be used as an in-store kiosk for the launch of their new optical prescription line.


In addition, Quay would be producing prescriptions on-demand and fulfilling from a manufacturing facility in Asia, in conjunction with their fulfillment partner, Performance Team. The automation solutions between these partners, required close technical collaboration with international manufacturing and supply chain teams.


Before delivering the final product, we engaged in a thorough process of “minimum viable product” (MVP) discovery to meet Quay’s business requirements:


  • Business requirements analysis

  • Ideation and defining the app’s user experience

  • Supply chain workflow automation and collaboration with logistics and international manufacturing partners

  • Planning new systems & infrastructure

  • Advising and testing prescription workflows

  • Developing a long-range roadmap to support direct-to-consumer in collaboration with Quay’s design agency partner, Pattern

Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced a plethora of businesses, including malls, to shut down. As a result, Quay’s retail showrooms had to close as well, putting a stop to the rollout after two weeks.


But Quay wasn’t going to let this obstacle keep them from moving forward with their plans.



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The Solution

Using powerful technologies like Node.js, MySQL and Google Cloud, our team built a solution that allows small businesses to integrate order information between Shopify and FreshBooks, merge/map Shopify data and much more.


In order to deliver a superior final product, we ensured the process for this project was a hybrid of agile sprint-based development and waterfall milestone-based collaboration. Our team was able to work iteratively on the product engineering aspect while breaking up a project into linear phases in order to meet key milestones.


But the work wasn’t done just because the solution was built. We ensured the app and integration would work flawlessly by putting them through a rigorous QA and integration testing process, which required a full test installation of the application.


Furthermore, we ensured the smooth handoff of the solution to FreshBooks by embedding their in-house integrations developer into our team. Through this partial merger of teams, FreshBooks will benefit from the proper knowledge transfer, training and handover of the application’s codebase.