How to Add Recharge Subscriptions to Your Shopify Store

How to Add Recharge Subscriptions to Your Shopify Store

July 15th, 2022

Recharge is the ultimate payment platform to launch and scale your subscription business. Let's review how to add Recharge to your Shopify store.

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Recurring Subscriptions Build Revenue


Increasing recurring revenue is a major goal for many businesses. Being able to accurately demonstrate and predict income helps leaders grow and protect their business in all aspects. Our ecommerce development team is frequently approached by merchants who want a recurring system developed for their store. When it comes to a subscription platform, we always recommend Recharge for our clients.


Recharge helps any business into a reliable revenue stream creating a recurring payment and subscription system. Recharge is the leading subscription payments solution and comes with the enterprise features that most companies need to succeed. When paired with a Shopify deployment, we're able to lauch successful stores for growing brands. Let's review how to integrate Recharge with Shopify.


Using Recharge With Shopify


Recharge has a comprehensive solution for Shopify merchants. Complete with their Shopify App, Recharge offers powerful features like:


  • Enabling subscriptions quickly

  • Popular payment processors

  • Subscriptions management tools

  • SMS features

  • Measure business performance

  • Real time analytics

  • API capabilities

  • and more


In the video below, our developer Lauren will walk you through installing Recharge with Shopify. She will also review some of its popular features. 

Add Recharge Subscriptions to Your Shopify Store




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