How to Create Bundles With the New Shopify Bundle App

How to Create Bundles With the New Shopify Bundle App

July 26th, 2023

Product bundles are a huge part of ecommerce and retail settings. Shopify has just release their new Bundles app. Let's see how it helps create bundles.

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What's a Product Bundle?


You've probably heard a lot about product bundles but do you know what they're really all about? Well, a product bundle is like putting together a special deal where you group items together in one pack. This helps your online shop sell more products and increase the AOV (average order volume) all in one. By selling items together, you're making shopping easier and more fun for your customers. They're getting a better deal and this leads to them buying more stuff. This concept of increasing AOV should always be a part of your site's growth & retention plan.


Using product bundles is a smart move to keep your online shop selling more and earning more. With such an amazing opportunity, Shopify has finally released its native product bundle app. Let's check it out and see how to create bundles in Shopify.


How to Create Bundles with The New Shopify Bundles App - Summer Editions 2023


New Shopify Bundles App


The new Shopify Bundles app is finally here and is free for all merchants! The Bundle API has been lurking around for a bit, but that was too techy for the average store merchant. Well, now the power of bundles is only a click away in the form of the Bundles app. Simply start by downloading the app and you're bundling journey starts right from the Shopify Admin.


The Bundles app lets you combine two or more products into a single "product" that is available right from your store. The bundle product can have its own details and price while including the individual products for availability. The bundle inventory is determined by the levels of each product included within the bundle. The product with the lowest inventory level determines how many bundles are available for sale. Product inventory levels for each item are updated in real time when a bundle is purchased.


Bundles can come in three different types:


  1. Fixed: a bundle made from a predetermined set of products. Your customer can choose from associated variants.

  2. Multipack: a fixed bundle with more than one of the same products.

  3. Mix-and-match: a bundle made of interchangeable products. Your customer composes the bundle by choosing from the products and associated variants.

Let's create a bundle and walk through the process:


Creating a bundle in Shopify


When you install the Shopify Bundles app, you will be greeted with the new Bundles interface. The app is available from the Apps menu within the Shopify Admin. From here, you can easily create a new bundle and add existing items to the group. When you click, "Create bundle" you'll start by adding the details to the base product that will represent the bundle. The first step is giving the bundle product a name and adding products.


Create a bundle using Shopify Bundles


Once you provide a name for the bundle product, you will add products to the bundle. You must choose from existing products in your system. You can add up to 10 products in the bundle. The selected items will all be included as part of the bundle. You can easily select products by selecting items using the checkboxes.


Add products dialog, select the products that you want to include in your bundle


After selecting the products for the bundle, you'll save the bundled item and then be redirected to the Shopify Product Admin. This should look familiar to any Shopify merchant. The bundle will now appear like any regular product (with a few differences) within the Products section. The main difference will be the inclusion of the Bundled Products card. This section shows you which items are included within that product's grouping.


Edit your bundle details


All of the standard pricing, cost, SKU and barcode fields are available for customization. The price of the bundle is set from within this section. You can charge whatever you want for the bundle. The price of the individual items does not affect the price you choose for the bundle. The inventory quantity is set by the product with the lowest value. The entire bundle's availability will rely on the lowest quantity so you'll need to make sure each product has enough to maintain the bundle product's visibility in your store.



Checking Out With a Bundle


When you checkout with a bundle in any ecommerce store, you are essentially purchasing multiple products together as a single unit. You add the bundle to your cart just like you would a single item. When you proceed to checkout, the entire bundle is listed as a single item on your bill, even though it includes several products. After the purchase, all items within that bundle are then prepared for shipping together.


The Shopify checkout process treats bundled products like a single item. Your customers will add the single item/SKU to the cart and checkout like a normal item. The cart page will show the single bundle SKU and price:


Bundle items appear as a single product in your cart


Once the customer reaches the checkout pages, the UI/UX will show the bundle product and expand to display each item and quantity within the bundle. This lets customer see that they are ordering a bundle and the contents of the item.


The checkout page shows the individual items


Orders and Fulfilling Bundles


What happens when you receive a bundled order? Fulfilling a bundled item involves preparing all the individual items that make up the bundle for shipping. Shopify will separate each item from the bundle into individual line items on the order. The original bundle name will still be visible on each line item, however the product itself will reflect the specific SKU of each item. This allows you to prepare the items for delivery.


The fulfillment process starts with picking the products included in the bundle from your inventory. After picking, the items are packed together in the same packaging. This is to ensure that the customer receives the complete bundle as a single unit, as they purchased it.


The order in Shopify shows each item in the bundle


Once all the items are picked and packed, the bundled box is ready to be shipped to the customer. Each individual item can be fulfilled separated and the inventory will be deducted per the fulfilled quantity. The original bundled product SKU will also be deducted to reflect the remaining available quantity for that bundle.


Ready to Sell More With Bundles?


Offering product bundles is a clever tactic to boost sales and increase AOV. When products are bundled together, customers view them as a better deal and are therefore more likely to make a purchase. The bundled items raise the average order value for the orders in your store--which you will love. It's a win-win situation as customers enjoy the convenience and savings of buying a bundle and your store benefits from higher sales. If you're looking for growth & retention, bundles are a great way to grow your bottom line.


So, don't waste any more time, start offering product bundles today! If your business needs help with bundles or other custom ecommerce development, enlist an experienced development partner like Sunrise Integration to make the complex processes easier to navigate. Let our Shopify Experts work their magic and help get your store up and running today!  


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