How To Use The Shopify Trade Theme for B2B

How To Use The Shopify Trade Theme for B2B

June 4th, 2024

The Shopify Trade theme helps you build strong, lasting relationships with your B2B clients. Let's take it for a spin.

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Shopify Trade Theme


If you’re a Shopify merchant, you’ve probably browsed the Shopify Theme Store looking for a new design for your shop. The store provides a large selection of both free and paid themes that can quickly be added to your shop. Shopify’s free themes are a great starting point for any merchant and offer building blocks for further customizations. If you’re just starting out or looking to upgrade your store, this is the perfect place to start. It’s a convenient, cost-effective way to give your store a professional look. The theme store caters to many different industries and now Shopify is focusing on B2B. Shopify has the solution with their new theme called Trade. This theme is specifically designed to the unique needs to B2B transactions and customers. Let's review what you can expect with this new theme.


Using the Shopify Trade Theme - Overview of B2B Features

A Theme For B2B


You might be thinking, do B2B customers really need their own theme? Can’t you just use the same old Dawn theme for everything? The dynamics of B2B transactions are often a bit more complex and need a tailored solution for maximum efficiency. To get the most out your B2B services, you'll want a custom experience just for your B2B customers. It's in your best interest to provide a better experience for your B2B sales as those transactions have their own needs.


There are big differences between selling to consumers (B2C) and selling to other businesses (B2B). B2C is about reaching individual buyers, while B2B involves selling products to other companies. Your B2B customers want to get down to business more quickly. They want a streamlined workflow and don't want to suffer through pop-ups or other marketing pages. To cater to this B2B audience, you need to think about features that help them conduct business more effectively. The design and theme of your Shopify store should have options to support these B2B transactions. So, what options do you have on Shopify?


To meet the specific needs of B2B merchants, Shopify has introduced a new theme called Trade. This theme is designed to provide the professional look and functionality needed for successful B2B transactions. Using Trade, you can improve the B2B user experience, streamline operations, and build stronger relationships with your business clients. 


So, who exactly is the Trade theme for? It’s for any business owner who wants to sell their products in bulk to other businesses. Whether you’re selling office supplies, manufacturing equipment, or wholesale fashion, Trade has got you covered. It’s perfect for those merchants who want to put an emphasis on selling.


But why should a merchant use the Trade theme? Well, Trade is packed with features that make B2B transactions smooth and efficient. For starters, it offers a sleek and intuitive design that looks great and is easy to navigate. This means your business clients can quickly find what they’re looking for without any hassle. Trade also comes with advanced search and filtering options, so businesses can easily locate specific products, even if you have a huge catalog. Let's go into more specifics on each feature and see how they work.


Quick order list using Trade

What Does The Trade Theme Include?


The Trade Shopify theme is designed to make life easier for B2B merchants. It gives your online store a professional makeover that’s perfectly suited for selling to other businesses. If you’re a merchant who wants to dive into the B2B market, Trade is your next theme.

Trade allows you to set up custom pricing, create bulk order forms to streamline the buying process. This approach means you aren't just selling one item at a time but potentially hundreds in a single B2B transaction. You’re creating a shopping experience that your B2B customers will love and that will keep them coming back for more. Once they find a supplier they like and trust, they stick with them. This means you get steady, repeat business. Instead of wondering where your next sale will come from, you’ll have regular customers who place big orders again and again. So switching to Trade is more than just a design decision, it’s a business strategy.


Custom Pricing and Ordering


One of the best features of Trade is its ability to handle custom pricing and bulk checkout. This means you can configure pricing catalogs for different customers based on their business needs. Bulk ordering is now a breeze. Your clients can add multiple products and quantities to their cart with just a few clicks. Your B2B customers often don't have a lot of time so anything you can do to make the process faster will go a long way. You can activate this from the theme Customizer in your Shopify theme admin:


Quick ordering capabilities are native in Shopify Trade


Within the theme editor, you will see the "quick order list" section. If you don't see it, then click on the "Add section" link. The quick-order section can be applied to the PDP or PLP. This let's you  create a direct shopping experience right from your collection pages.


To activate this, select the "bulk" option from the theme admin. Customers will then see a form on the frontend where they can quickly add items in bulk and checkout with ease. We've highlighted this new "bulk" option in the image below:


Order multiple products in one form


Volume Pricing Rules


Volume pricing is a strategy where you offer discounts to customers based on the quantity of products they purchase. The more they buy, the bigger the discount. It’s a great way to encourage larger orders and build strong relationships with your B2B clients. In a B2B relationship, your customers will expect some type of volume and quantity discount. This is a normal part of business selling. Trade makes this much easier.


The Shopify Trade theme comes with a new native section called "Quick Order List." The built-in theme has features for custom pricing and discounts that take advantage of the Shopify Plus native capability. Using Shopify Plus, you can configure these rules and Trade will display the pricing on the frontend of the store. You will see something similar to this:


Create volume pricing rules and make ordering easy in Shopify B2B


Mega Menu


Navigation is important to help your customers find the products they need. The mega menu feature in the Trade theme is designed to help your customers find what they need quickly and easily. Unlike a regular dropdown menu, which might only show a few options, a mega menu can display a wide range of options in a large panel. This makes it perfect for B2B stores with large product catalogs or a variety of categories. Setting up the mega menu in the Trade theme is simple. You customize it through your Shopify theme admin.


Mega menu is part of the Trade theme


B2B Signup Form


Another important part of B2B selling is expanding your reseller network. You can new resellers to discover your store and signup to gain access to the great B2B options. Creating a B2B signup form lets merchants sign up as resellers of your products. By allowing other merchants to become resellers, you expand your distribution network and increase brand visibility. This strategy helps you build strong, mutually beneficial partnerships, boosting sales and fostering loyalty among your reseller community. You can create this signup form using your Shopify Plus store and the Shopify Forms App.


The Shopify Forms app allows you to design and customize forms for your store. You can customize the look and feel to ensure a cohesive design. You can also set up automated email responses to acknowledge receipt of the signup. Combined with Shopify Plus, your B2B forms will utilize the company approval process allowing you to select the right resellers for your products.


Create a B2B signup form to have resellers join your store


Get B2B For Shopify


The Trade Shopify theme is all about making your B2B store look professional and function smoothly. It’s designed for merchants who want to make bulk buying easy and efficient. With its sleek design, advanced search options, custom pricing, and excellent account management tools, Trade helps you build strong, lasting relationships with your business clients.


Do you need help with your Shopify store? Reach out to our certified Shopify Plus Partner Experts. We can get the new Trade theme configured in no time! Let our Shopify Experts work their magic and help get your B2B store up and running today!  


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