Live Shopify POS Webinar: Creating a Unified Retail Solution

Live Shopify POS Webinar: Creating a Unified Retail Solution

June 19th, 2024

The Sunrise Integration Shopify POS team in partnership with Shopify is hosting this FREE live and online event. Join us!

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Live Shopify POS Webinar: Creating a Unified Retail Solution


Join Us on June 27, 2024, at 9 am Pacific


Are you a retail merchant looking to streamline your business operations and unify your sales channels? Join us for an exclusive live Shopify POS webinar on June 27, 2024, at 9 am Pacific, featuring Danielle Henry from Shopify. This is your chance to learn how to create a seamless and efficient retail solution that syncs your online store with in-person sales.

Event Details

The upcoming webinar, titled "Live Shopify POS Webinar: Creating a Unified Retail Solution," is set for June 27, 2024, at 9 am Pacific. This online event, featuring the expertise of Danielle Henry from Shopify, will be live-streamed, providing an interactive experience for all attendees. To join, simply fill out the registration form to receive your unique link to the webinar.

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What to Expect

During the webinar, we will cover an in-depth overview of Shopify POS and POS Go, highlighting their features and capabilities. You'll learn how these systems can revolutionize your retail operations by providing a robust platform that integrates seamlessly with your existing processes. We'll also explore the Shopify back office admin, demonstrating how you can manage your business from a single, centralized location. This integration ensures that all your data is synchronized and accessible in real-time, making it easier to keep track of inventory, sales, and customer information.


Managing your data effectively is crucial for any retail business, and we'll show you how Shopify POS and POS Go can help you achieve this. You'll gain insights into the importance of unified data management and how it can lead to better decision-making and operational efficiency. Additionally, we'll discuss strategies for integrating your online and offline sales channels, providing a cohesive shopping experience for your customers.

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Benefits of Unified Commerce

Unified commerce offers numerous benefits to retail merchants, positioning it as the future of retail. By integrating your online and offline channels, you can provide a consistent and personalized shopping experience, which enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty. Real-time inventory management is another significant advantage, allowing you to manage stock levels across all channels, reducing the risk of stockouts and overstock situations.


Access to unified data enables you to make informed decisions based on comprehensive insights into your business performance. This data-driven approach can lead to increased sales opportunities, as seamless integration of sales channels allows you to capture more sales by meeting customers where they are, whether online or in-store. Streamlined operations are another benefit, as managing all aspects of your business from one platform saves time and resources, reducing operational complexities.

Interactive Q&A Session

The webinar will also include a live Q&A session, providing you with the opportunity to ask our experts anything about Shopify POS, POS Go, and unified commerce. This interactive segment is designed to give you personalized advice and insights tailored to your business needs, ensuring you leave the webinar with a clear understanding of how to implement these solutions effectively.

Exciting Giveaways

As a special thank you for attending, we're giving away cool merchandise and prizes during the webinar. Don't miss out on your chance to win and add some fun to your learning experience!


How to Join

To participate in this must-attend event, simply fill out the registration form to get your link to the webinar. Once registered, you'll receive all the information you need to join us live on June 27th at 9 am Pacific.


Don't miss this opportunity to transform your retail business with the power of unified commerce. Join us live on June 27th at 9 am Pacific and discover how Shopify POS and POS Go can help you streamline your operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive growth. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards a more efficient and integrated retail solution.


Optimize your retail strategy with the latest insights and tools. Stay ahead of the competition by implementing a unified commerce solution that works for you. We look forward to seeing you at the webinar!

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