Using AI to Automatically Detect and Categorize Images

Using AI to Automatically Detect and Categorize Images

December 13th, 2021

Sunrise Integration is always on the forefront of researching and using new technologies that will improve our services or applications. Let's review how we use AI to serve our clients.

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What is AI (Artificial Intellegence)


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a term that focuses on computer science's usage and development of machines or services capable of performing tasks that typically need human intelligence. AI leverages computers and machines to simulate problem-solving and decision-making like a human.


Whether you realize it or not, we are already experiencing a basic form of AI in our normal online experience through smart algorithms that populate our news feed, face morphing apps, or through targeted advertising. These are all a forms of AI that companies use to tailor your experience. Here at Sunrise Integration our development team is experimenting with AI to bring this magic to our client's projects and developments. Let's review how we're using AI for image detection.


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Using AI to Analyze Images


Sunrise Integration is always researching and testing new technologies that will improve our client developments, services or app creation. With Web 3.0 and AI making major strides in recent years, our team is bringing this technology to our projects. One such recent exploration was the need for image recognition of user-uploaded graphics. We wanted to bring powerful visual analysis to the application and automatically detect the meta information of the image.


Using deep learning API image recognition, we're able to program software that detects objects, people, scenes, faces, and more. The image or video is analyzed and a confidence score is calculated for everything it detects. Bounding boxes and coordinates are generated to pinpoint the location of the detected objects.


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In the example of a doorbell or security camera, the image is  analyzed to generate object-labels based upon the content. This information can then be relayed to the homeowner or company. For example, the system can "label" a delivery truck, a box and a person. The system is programmed to detect these individual elements and provide a confidence score on the greater activity within the image. In this example, it's a shipping driver performing a package delivery. This information is sent to the homeowner so they can act upon the delivery. In other situations, this information can be used in an application for safety or location security.


Safety and Object Collision


We've all heard about the robots scurrying around huge warehouses gathering our orders and packages. Companies like Walmart, Amazon and FedEx are rushing to adopt these robots to adopt a mixed workforce alongside their human counterparts. Did you ever stop to think about the safety of these systems? How do you keep the robots from knocking into people or tipping over boxes?


ai robots


Using the same real time image and video recognition, the warehouse robots can detect people, forklifts, boxes, and more. The confidence score is calculated for every scene and the system calculates the correct path around the warehouse.


ai robot camera


Using AI For Your Apps or Services


Our API team is working on innovative ways to include real time AI technology into our projects. So far we've been able to explore automatic content moderation for social media sites, facial recognition for location access, ecommerce product recognition, food detection and more. We can take your mobile app, platform site or service to whole new level.


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The future is wide open when it comes to AI technology and Sunrise Integration is working on great new ideas for you.


Are you looking to bring AI technology to your business or app? Contact us now and let talk.


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