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Payment and Merchant Integration

Sunrise Integration develops secure payment and merchant solutions for your business using Stripe,, PayPal, Apple Pay, Bitcoin and others.

Managing money is an important piece of any modern web service. Ecommerce websites and mobile apps need to securely process payments from various sources. Sunrise Integration can design and implement payment services that send and receive transaction data in real-time.


Our API integration team can create services allowing customers to accept, reject, refund and send payments using popular services from PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Square, Braintree, Coinbase Pay, and more.

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You need an enterprise development company to help you securely integrate the right service for your monetary needs. Our dedicated team of software engineers will develop a payment gateway solution to support your business needs.


We support a wide range of solutions including international needs, crypto-currency, mobile payment solutions and more.

Accept Online Payments from Anywhere 

We will develop a custom e-commerce solution for your business so you can accept online payments from anywhere in the globe including secure transactions, order management, fraud protection, Chip Cards, ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay and more.

  • Ecommerce payment gateways

  • Mobile application payments

  • Apple Pay, Google Pay

  • Fraud prevention and security

  • POS payment systems

  • CryptoCurrency coin integration

  • Payment API integration

  • Recurring subscription payments

Need Recurring Payment Subscriptions?

Recurring Subscriptions with a Recharge Integration


Our team will integrate and configure Recharge to open up a new avenue of recurring payments. We're experts with the Recharge API and ecommerce integration. Unlock the power of subscriptions with a Recharge integration.

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