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Custom Retail Integration with Shopify Hardware



Sunrise Integration provides full support for the Shopify POS

Elevate Your Retail Experience

Enhance your retail store's efficiency and sales performance with an enterprise Shopify POS installation. Unlock a new world of omnichannel benefits for your business. Say goodbye to disconnected retail and say hello to seamless online and in-store solution.

Transform Your Store with a Shopify POS Solution Tailored to Your Needs


Sunrise Integration specializes in comprehensive Shopify POS enterprise integration, custom POS app development and personalized training for your business. Let's work together to enhance your ecommerce.


Harness the Power of Shopify POS for Your Retail Business

Migration and integration services for Shopify POS

Use Shopify Plus and the Shopify POS to blend your online and brick-and-mortar store operations. It's the ultimate tool for boosting sales, improving customer experience and streamlining your retail business into one easy platform.


Our team works with you to develop a Shopify point-of-sale solution that meets your specific needs in one simple system. You won't believe how easy we can make your retail life. No more confusing systems and separate platforms. Now your online store and retail store operate as one.

Benefits Of a Shopify POS Integration


Integrating Shopify point of sale (POS) with your online ecommerce store creates a streamlined approach to business growth. Fix your most common problems in one solution:


  • Combine online and in-store ecommerce services

  • Offer gift cards for in-store and online use

  • Support buy online and pickup in store (BOPIS)

  • Offer mobile and dynamic checkout

  • Improve inventory management and avoid over selling

  • Provide sales commissions to staff members

  • Generate CRM insights on sales

  • Tap into a large app ecosystem for custom services

  • Offer shipping services to in-store customers

  • Support multiple payment methods

  • Multi-location management

Custom Shopify POS App Development

Staying ahead in the dynamic world of retail means customizing your tools to fit your unique business needs. This is where the power of custom Shopify POS apps comes into play. A unique integration will transform your POS into a highly personalized retail powerhouse.

Maximize Shopify POS for your ecommerce business with custom apps. Enhance your retail operations, engage your customers and stay ahead of the competition. Our expert POS development team creates bespoke workflows and features that you can access right from your POS screen.


  • Inventory & location management

  • Order management

  • Loyalty, gift cards and discounts

  • Delivery and mobile tracking

  • Booking and calendar services

  • B2B accounts and card vaulting

  • ERP and CRM synchronization

  • Prescription services

Sunrise Integration provides enterprise POS application development and customization.

Shopify POS On The Go

Shopify POS Go is the ultimate hand held terminal

Embrace Mobility and Flexibility in Sales


Bring your retail business directly to your customers, no matter where they are. The Shopify POS Go is an all-in-one mobile sales solution. Whether you're at a pop-up shop, a trade show, or offering curbside pickup, this compact device lets you manage your sales. Our team can help you get started with the POS Go and create a seamless shopping experience.


Ready to take your sales to new places? The Shopify POS Go terminal is your ticket to flexible, mobile and efficient retailing. Reach out to us today to integrate Shopify POS Go into your business and start selling without boundaries!

Modern retails means you need to bring your checkout to customers, wherever they are. Now your staff can walk around the store and help customers complete orders from anywhere. No more lines or crowds. Bring a more dynamic checkout experience to your retail location. If you have a large, dynamic store environment, the POS Go is for you.

Shopify POS for handheld retail checkout
retail pos perfection.
The easiest checkout experience with Shopify POS

Complete Shopify POS Services.


Our experts have your retail in mind. Ready to unlock the power of Shopify POS and Shopify POS Go? Reach out to our expert team for full-service POS services:


  • Installation and configuration

  • Custom POS app development

  • Platform migration

  • Location and inventory management

  • CRM & ERP integration

  • Staff training

  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Are you ready to upgrade your retail environment to Shopify POS and POS Go? Our expert ecommerce team is here to help. Contact us and let's design a system for your business.

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