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Custom Software Development

Our team is ready to develop your web, desktop, mobile or hybrid software solution. We will transform your idea into a fully featiured solution.

We take your project from design to finished product. Our team will develop and deliver your software on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web or cloud services. We advise on design and architecture while focusing on a quality implementation.

Custom Software development diagram

We deliver cutting-edge software solutions

Custom web development Los Angeles

Our team of experienced developers, programmers, designers and engineers provide a comprehensive solution that both looks good and works well. Our detailed oriented project managers guide you through the entire process using an Agile approach of planning meetings, phone calls, prototypes and more.

Our Los Angeles based development team has created software for a wide range of industries including:


  • Retail and E-commerce

  • B2B SaaS

  • Warehouse and shipping management

  • Healthcare and patient platforms

  • Mobile application startups

  • Media and entertainment

Custom solutions for cloud, web, mobile and desktop

Sunrise Integration develops with many different coding languages and API environments:


Web and Mobile

  • React Native, iOS, Swift, Android, Java

  • React, Angular, Vue.js

  • Node JS, PHP 7, Ruby on Rails

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

  • MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, NoSQL

Server-Side and Desktop

  • Python, C# / ASP.NET

  • Linux, Windows, Mac OS

  • AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure