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4moms Scales From 1,500 Orders/Month to 7,000 Orders/Month on Shopify Plus

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First Glance


4moms is a manufacturer of digitally enabled baby products carried by hundreds of retailers around the world, including Walmart and Target. As a cutting-edge brand whose tagline is “Believe in better”, 4moms is in constant pursuit of improvement and innovation to make the lives of parents easier and more fun. 


The 4moms team reached out to Sunrise Integration with the goal of migrating their catalog and website from their legacy ecommerce platform to Shopify Plus, which offers more integration opportunities and a better ecosystem of apps. Their team sought more robust communication between their store and warehouses as well as the enhanced ability to scale their business.

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The Challenge


Migrating an ecommerce website while simultaneously replacing ERP middleware presents a range of complex challenges for any retailer. The two processes have to work well together, which isn't easy. One big problem is keeping all the data the same across different platforms. This includes information about customers, products, and sales. Also, getting the new ERP middleware system to work well with the new website can take a lot of custom work. All these things make changing both an ecommerce website and an ERP middleware a big challenge. Luckily our team at Sunrise Integration was up to the task.


There were a few major results 4moms wanted to achieve with this project:


  • Migrate their entire website from their previous cloud ecommerce solution to Shopify Plus

  • Replace their current using custom middleware they were using to communicate with SAP because it was older technology that needed modernization

  • Integrate their products and orders with Walmart and SAP


SAP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that allows businesses to manage areas such as finance, human resources, marketing and more. 4moms uses SAP for order fulfillment to their warehouse and data communication to their 3PL. The core of the integration


In order to achieve this data migration, we needed to replace their existing SAP to e-commerce middleware, Jpack, with Sunrise Integration’s cloud multi-channel connector software service, Warehouse Connector. 


Our team had to implement a customized version of Warehouse Connector to fulfill a connection between their on-premise SAP ERP and Shopify Plus. Utilizing our Warehouse Connector service, our development team created enterprise connectors that facilitated data transfer including orders, products, transactions and customers. Since the data is passing through a centralized OMS (order management system), we're able to use the product and order connections to integrate Walmart. The entire development is now a powerful omnichannel ecommerce ecosystem.


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The Outcome


4moms launched their new Shopify Plus site in March 2020 ahead of the first COVID-19 lockdown, during which sales exploded. After the data migration and implementation of the Warehouse Connector order management system, 4Moms scaled from 1,500 orders/month to a new peak of 7,000 orders/month. The Sunrise Integration team provides ongoing maintenance and support so the entire system is constantly expanding including expanded integration with Walmart in 2022.


Looking to the Future


Sunrise Integration continues to support 4moms as advisors and by maintaining their Shopify Plus website and Warehouse Connector to ensure long-term growth. As 4moms improves and pivots, we’ll be there to build solutions for fulfillment and returns as well as other data migration and software development opportunities.