Mobile app and website with managed AWS hosting for luxury auto leasing and purchasing service

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First Glance

Buying a luxury car is just a click away.


Twice Car wanted to take the hassle out of buying a luxury automobile by letting the dealerships complete for the customers. They wanted to supercharge the process with the power of technology. The service would deliver deals directly to the customer via a mobile app. Twice Car needed help developing the service, connecting to the dealership API services and hosting for everything. Twice Car approached Sunrise Integration to solve the problem.


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The Challenge

The founders of Twice Car are BMW enthusiasts who wanted to streamline the process of buying luxury cars. Their process involved empowering customers by letting the dealerships bid on deals. Customers would send an inquiry to Twice Car and the service would broadcast the request to local dealerships to match the client's needs. Using a mobile app or website, the customers can create a vehicle profile then submit their options. The Twice Car app would send the customers to multiple dealerships and allow each one to provide the best price. The core system had a complex workflow and Twice Car needed a tech-partner with experience developing enterprise workflows and apps.


twice cars flow


Twice Car presented Sunrise Integration with their desired process. Our web development team first created a workflow diagram and wireframe to help Twice car visualize the service. the workflow diagram showed the user experience and connections to the dealers.  Next, the Sunrise Integration design team was tasked with creating a UI/UX solution that connected dealers and customer with an easy-to-use interface. The solution was a slick mobile app and web platform.


The Solution

The Sunrise Integration design team started with creating a sleek modern interface where user's can choose their dream car and options. All of the vehicle options were loaded into the service and customers could visualize their selection in real time.


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The mobile app design provided customer's with the same options to customize their vehicle from within a more compact and responsive layout. The app was design using the cross platform (iOS and Android) React Native technology for deployment to the Apple App store and Google Play store.


twicecar mobile app


Virtual Showroom

Once the customer completed their vehicle options, the vehicle could be previewed in the online showroom. The Sunrise Integration development team created a glossy environment where an image of the car would appear. The customer could see their selection and submit their wish-list to the dealers.


twice cars showroom


AWS Managed Hosting

All of this amazing technology needed a highly available platform to support the network of customers and dealerships. Twice Car once again turned to Sunrise Integration for managed hosting services. The entire mobile app and website was managed by Sunrise Integration with geo-redundant servers and mobile failover services.


The Outcome

The final product was a powerful platform where customers could manage their inquires and view results directly from the auto dealerships. With multiple dealers competing for deals, customers were ensured the lowest price.


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The Sunrise Integration development and design team was excited with the outcome of the Twice Car app. The mobile app and platform site was a great example of development and design coming together to create a tool that improved the shopping experience for automobiles.