How to Use Algolia to Improve Search and Discovery

How to Use Algolia to Improve Search and Discovery

August 15th, 2022

Algolia's API allows for quick and seamless search integration within websites, platforms and mobile applications. Let's review what Algolia can do for you.

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The Importance of Search


Google has invaded our lives and we expect big things from our searches. We're conditioned to get instant results for any query that enters our minds. If your project, app or ecommerce site features a search box, then it's a high bar to meet customer expectations. Poor search results will lead to a loss of revenue, as customers will simply leave the site after unsuccessful searches. Providing fast and relevant results translates to a higher click-through rate.


What options do you have to compete with Google's enterprise features? A powerful solution that our API development team leverages is Algolia.


Supercharging search for ecommerce solutions


Using Algolia for Search Integration


Algolia is a cloud-hosted search and discovery platform that delivers fast and personalized e-commerce experiences across the web and mobile apps. Algolia features a powerful set of API features for seamlessly implementing search options. It's this reason why our team turns to Algolia whenever we have an enterprise search project. We're able to develop enhanced search capabilities like recommendations, indexing, search-as-you-type, federated search and more.


A typical integration begins by connecting the source data to Algolia. For simple Shopify projects, there are existing apps that provide a connection between the platforms. For more advanced projects, we develop custom ETL processes to update the Algolia index and provide data synchronization. We're then able to use the Algolia InstantSearch.js framework to create custom frontend experiences for consuming the results.


In the video below, our developer Lauren will show you how we implement Algolia. Learn everything from formatting and importing data, to configuring relevance and building a UI using widgets.


How To Improve Search and Discovery with Algolia


Don't Scrimp On Search


A quality search feature correlates with a great online customer experience. The better you can service your customers, the better your conversion rates will become. If you can keep people using your service and thus lowering bounce rates, you increase the changes for more revenue. Businesses know how crucial search is to success so it's important to ensure you're providing the best option to your customers. The team at Sunrise Integration has been consulting and developing for years on enterprise search experiences. If you're looking for a team to help with your project, then look no further.


Need Search Development Help?


Algolia is such a powerful ecommerce search solution that we've only touched the surface of what it can do for you. If you want to improve your ecommerce, mobile or app search, our Algolia Development team can build an enterprise solution for your project.


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