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Deliver the content your customers want with enhanced search capabilities using Algolia's enterprise search and recommendation features. Sunrise Integration will develop your fully integrated solution with Algolia.



Sunrise Integration is an official Algolia Partner

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Sunrise Integration will get your business started with Algolia


Algolia is a hosted search engine that provides companies with fully featured search implementation and search analytics. The platform helps businesses refine and optimize the search experience for users so they can find relevant information,  and find it quickly.

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What can you do with Algolia?

With an Algolia integration, we can bring enterprise-level search features to your website, app or mobile services including:

  • Enterprise Search

  • Search Filters

  • Query Suggestions

  • Recommendations

  • Refinements 

  • And More


Benefits of Algolia

Algolia provides a host of benefits that enable companies to engage more users and optimize various functions within the organization. 

With Algolia’s dashboard, you’re able to customize your website’s search as well as view search analytics. It enables your business and marketing teams to engage and customize the search experience to the benefit of your users. With it, you can do the following:


  • Promote specific products or brands

  • Add personalization to your search

  • Test different search configurations

  • Get insights and analytics on user behavior

  • Get insights and analytics on your products


If you’re a fan of highly detailed analytics and insights data to power your decision-making processes, then you’ll love what Algolia has to offer. With the dashboard, you can access data that gives you a greater sense of who your users are and how they behave with your catalog/content:


  • View click and conversion metrics, which tell you which products (or content) your users clicked on, and which ones they purchased or liked.

  • See which searches are popular and which searches are returning no results. With this information, you make decisions like promoting popular products or content knowing that’s what your users are looking for.

  • View these analytics for subsets of your users: such as those shopping from their mobile phones, or from specific countries.   

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