How to Use Shopify Magic to Generate Product Text With Autowrite

How to Use Shopify Magic to Generate Product Text With Autowrite

February 28th, 2023

Shopify is bringing AI to the platform with Shopify Magic. The first tool is AI-generated product descriptions. How well does it work? Let's find out.

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What is Shopify Magic?


Shopify is getting into the AI (Artificial Intelligence) game with a new rollout called Shopify Magic. According to Shopify, they have plans to enhance various aspects of the platform under the umbrella of Shopify Magic. The first foray into this space is the AI-generated product description tool known as Autowrite. This new feature lets you enter details or keywords about your product and the tool will automatically generate a description based on the product title and details.


The Shopify Magic options will start appearing throughout the store admin signaling the AI-equipped feature. The Autowrite button is currently available within the product section. Does this sleight of hand take the woes out of writing product descriptions? Our ecommerce development team will see how well this new magic plays out.


New button in Shopify product page


Crafting Magical Product Descriptions


Having good product descriptions is essential for selling online. Quality descriptions help increase sales and improve SEO rankings. For many of us though, the thought of crafting custom text is often anxiety inducing. The Shopify Magic Autowrite feature is here to help alleviate the stress using the power of artificial intelligence. Autowrite uses a Large Language Model (LLM) technology to generate complete sentences from title and provided keywords.


The first step is to provide a list of product features or keywords. Shopify will attempt to utilize these words and apply the concepts to the generated text. The more details that you can provide, the more accurate you can expect the outcome. Autowrite requires a product title and a minimum of 2 features or keywords to generate the text. Based on the information that you input, Autowrite will create new descriptions or rewrite part of an existing description.


shopify magic features


The product title is also a critical component to the algorithm. If the title doesn’t explicitly describe the product then the results might not be very accurate. You can use the keywords and features to support the details to help improve the results. The more keywords or phrases you provide, the more accurate and unique suggestions you can expect. Shopify also provides options to craft the characteristics of the content to match the tone of your store.

shopify magic tone

Choose Your Tone


When you're writing descriptions for your products, it's important to know your target audience and address them directly with your text style. You should use a tone and language that feels realistic and genuine to that persona. With Autowrite you can specifically choose the tone for the text to be generated.


The Autowrite tool allows you to select from different tones for the auto-generated text. You can select from Expert, Supportive, Persuasive, Daring, Playful and Sophisticated. When you select a tone option, Autowrite changes the characteristics of the suggested content to match the tone that you selected.


The tone of your content is how you communicate the personality of your store. Choosing different tones lets you craft the perfect language to match the overall vibe of your brand. If you're a high-end luxury brand, then you may choose the Sophisticated option. If your brand is more fun and relaxed, choose the Playful option. The generated text will reflect your selection.


Once you've selected the tone and applied some product keywords, it's time to generate the text. Click the "Autowrite" button and watch the magic unfold. Shopify will generate the text and highlight everything in purple.


Auto-Generated Product Descriptions Powered by Shopify Magic


AI to the Rescue


Using AI to generate product descriptions for your store is a great way to save time. Using Shopify Magic Autowrite you can quickly generate text that is tailored to your products. However, it is important to remember that automatically generated text may not be accurate so make sure you review every detail before you publish your product. AI-generated text may appear correct, but it is not perfect. The text often contains errors, and it may not always capture the nuances of human language. It's possible that the auto-generated text may include product benefits, features or facts based on other published content related to similar products. Always read and review the details to ensure everything is correct for your product.


Automatic text generation and choose your tone of voice


Trick or Treat


The new Shopify Magic Autowrite feature helps you generate high-quality product descriptions with the click of a few buttons. You can leave the writing to the AI while you focus on running your business. But is Autowrite the answer to all your text-writing problems? The answer is a bit more complicated.


Auto generated text relies heavily on combining pre-learned facts into coherent sentences, but is that enough to generate true meaning? AI can help with some aspects of text writing, such as grammar and spelling, but it cannot replace the creativity and thought that humans provide. Auto generated text is still prone to errors and misinformation so it can't be trusted without review.


Autowrite is a great way to kick-start your store. Writing product descriptions and marketing text is a time-consuming process and Shopify is looking for ways to help. Expect more "magic" to come as Shopify expands its AI features.


For a real-time demo, watch our YouTube video:


Using Shopify Magic Autowrite To Generate Product Descriptions


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