Sunrise Integration Is an Official Cloudinary Development Partner

Sunrise Integration Is an Official Cloudinary Development Partner

January 22nd, 2024

Sunrise Integration is excited to be an official development and integration partner for Cloudinary. We're ready to help your business integrate Cloudinary.

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Partners With Cloudinary


Sunrise Integration proudly announces a new partnership with Cloudinary, a renowned media experience platform trusted by global brands. Cloudinary partners with system integrators and development agencies all around the world. Sunrise Integration is excited to become the newest Cloudinary Solution Partner. Our certified team is ready to provide experienced API and platform development using Cloudinary services.


Through this partnership, Sunrise Integration will leverage its expertise in integration and technology solutions to connect B2B and B2C clients with Cloudinary's advanced media experience management services. This partnership is particularly significant as it brings together Sunrise Integration's capabilities in delivering seamless development services with Cloudinary's prowess in optimizing digital media. The synergy of these services will empower Sunrise Integration's clients to offer richer, more engaging visual content to their customers, elevating the overall quality and impact of their ecommerce product presentations. If you're an enterprise or retail client looking to improve your media management, contact us now to see how we can blow your mind with Cloudinary.



What Is Cloudinary


Cloudinary is a cloud-based service that specializes in providing solutions for the storage, management, and optimization of images and videos for web and mobile applications. Its core functionality revolves around efficiently handling media assets, which is critical for enhancing user experience and website performance. Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent brands, Cloudinary is at the forefront of digital media management, providing an essential service for companies looking to excel in today's visually-driven digital landscape.


Cloudinary excels in optimizing media for faster loading times and improved performance. Utilizing advanced algorithms, the platform automatically compresses images and videos without compromising on quality, ensuring that web pages and mobile apps load swiftly, enhancing user experience and engagement.


Cloudinary integrates seamlessly with numerous web development frameworks and e-commerce platforms, making it a versatile tool for businesses of all sizes. Its API and SDKs offer flexibility to customize and align with specific business needs.


Using Cloudinary with Ecommerce


For any ecommerce development, high-quality images and videos are essential for showcasing products effectively, but these media files can often be large, leading to slow website load times. Slow loading times negatively impact user experience and can reduce conversion rates, as customers may become impatient and leave the site. Cloudinary addresses this by offering advanced tools for optimizing and compressing images and videos without significant loss of quality, ensuring that they load quickly even on mobile devices or slower internet connections.


When we work on developments for our ecommerce customers, speed and efficiency are paramount. Ecommerce sites have more images and video than any other type of site and this is where tools like Cloudinary come in handy. When people shop online, they can't touch or see the products in person, so clear and fast-loading pictures and videos are essential to spark buying interest. If these images and videos take too long to load, customers might get annoyed and leave the site. This is why Sunrise Integration uses Cloudinary to support our enterprise client's omnichannel ecommerce systems.


Cloudinary helps websites, especially online stores, handle images and videos more effectively. We all know that images and videos can make an ecommerce store load slowly. Cloudinary solves this by making these pictures and videos smaller in size without losing their quality. Beyond just making images and videos smaller, Cloudinary offers a variety of other helpful features like automatic transformation and AI manipulation of images and videos. This means that Cloudinary can change the look and format of these visuals on the fly. For example, if a store wants to show a dress in different colors, Cloudinary can adjust the image to display each color variation without needing separate photos for each one. This is great for showing off products in different styles or sizes without cluttering the website with too many images.


After the media files are uploaded to Cloudinary, they can be managed and manipulated through Cloudinary's dashboard or programmatically via its API. Cloudinary provides URLs for each uploaded asset, which can be used to embed images and videos into the e-commerce sites like Shopify. These URLs can include parameters for on-the-fly transformations, such as resizing, cropping, or applying filters, ensuring that the media is perfectly optimized for each user's viewing experience.


Using Cloudindary, Sunrise Integration can help your ecommerce business:


  • Increase conversions - Dynamically manipulate images and videos with custom content based on user behavior and preferences for delivery across various channels.

  • Streaming product videos - Dynamically transform videos for smooth streaming, across all devices. Spend more time on implementing video engagement features and less time on manual editing and resizing.

  • Dynamic visual campaigns - Leverage dynamic media manipulations in real time for images and videos. Create personalized and relevant digital assets with custom watermarks and overlays.

  • Media automation - Get your product photography and videos to the web faster by automating the creation of variants at scale, for use across different pages, product galleries, and screens, with no delays or dependencies. Automation with content-aware AI & ML to auto-create variants to accommodate any design or layout style.

  • AI Image API - AI-powered image APIs effortlessly remove backgrounds or tweak images to suit your needs!


Unleash the Power of Your Media with Cloudinary


For businesses that have an online presence, powerful visual storytelling is a must-have. Whether you’re an online clothing shop or a digital media publication, you use images and videos to connect with your audience. When you have thousands of assets at your disposal, you need a powerful solution to ensure you deliver media quickly, efficiently and in a way that your customers can understand and appreciate. That’s why our team loves Cloudinary–it acts as the single source of truth for managing and optimizing the entire lifecycle of your image and video assets.


Need help getting the most out of Cloudinary for your business? Our API integration experts are here to help!


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