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Customizing Retail Checkout with Shopify POS

August 8, 2024 @ 9AM PACIFIC

Webinar: Extending Shopify Checkout with POS Retail Data

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Join us live on August 8th at 11 am Pacific.

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Do you need extra data on your Shopify POS checkout? Adding custom data points to your POS checkout gives your staff and ERP integration actionable insights. Learn how to use customizations and apps to extend your Shopify POS checkout and data powerful data points to your retail process.


Join the fun and let's talk about Shopify POS.


Join us live on August 8th at 11 am Pacific.

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Live Streaming Webinar With Q&A

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Who Should Attend this Event?

If you’re a retail merchant looking to increase sales based upon optimized product merchandising, then this webinar is for you!


The online event will cover:


  • What is product merchandising?

  • How do you optimize product placement?

  • Using apps in Shopify POS to track sales

  • Review sales reporting for optimization

  • Q&A with audience and more!