Point of Sale Deployment and Integration

Integrate a retail Point of Sale (POS) system with your online e-commerce system for a fully connected sales environment. Our development team can get your POS data where it needs to go with a custom API integration, POS app development and more.


Sunrise Integration has experience deploying popular systems from Shopify, Clover, Toast POS, VendSquare, Square for Restaurants, KWI and others. Now you can easily take orders using barcode scanners, touch screens and credit card chip readers. Sunrise Integration can also integrate your POS and online store for a comprehensive solution that includes gift cards, inventory synchronization and online accounting.


What is POS Integration?


POS Integration is the process of connecting third-party systems and custom app development to create an ecommerce solution for any business or retailer. The final solution will transfer data between platforms and improve a merchant's capability.


We develop fully integrated POS, e-commerce and payment solutions. We develop custom integrations to third-party payment systems and devices so you can reach your customers anywhere.


Custom POS development, integration and app development. Contact Sunrise Integration for all of your custom POS needs.

Expand Your Retail Capabilities with POS Integration

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Our team works with you to develop a point-of-sale solution that combines in-store capabilities with the expanse of e-commerce connections.


POS configuration and installation

Sync data with your online store

Expanded gift card and loyalty options

Integrate with ERP and CRM systems

Custom API integration

Barcode integration

Shipping and 3PL synchronization

Custom POS checkout apps

Gift cards, discounts and loyalty programs


Advanced integration and synchronization with ERP/CRM system allows for further customization. We develop custom connections to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for total control over gift cards, email marketing, and discount marketing.

What Are The Benefits Of A POS Integration?


Integrating your point of sale (POS) with the other third-party services in your ecosystem offers a streamlined approach to enhancing customer experience and bolstering business growth. Synchronize your data between inventory management, accounting, CRM and in-store systems to ensure accurate reporting across your business. Fix some of the most common problems with online/POS commerce:


  • Improve inventory management and reduce overstocking

  • Automate financial processes and ensure accurate accounting

  • Increase the average transaction value

  • Generate CRM insights on sales

  • Streamline the ordering and production process

Custom POS App Development

Why do you need a custom POS app for your business?


A custom developed POS app offers tailored functionality, improved efficiency, and seamless integration with existing systems and third-party services. POS apps add scalability and flexibility that lead to increased productivity, enhanced customer service, and higher profits.

Our expert POS development team creates custom apps for all the major POS terminals that will expand the capabilities of your POS workflow and features. Add customized workflows that improves your business efficiency.


  • Inventory management

  • Order management

  • Loyalty and discounts

  • Delivery and mobile tracking

  • Analytics and reporting

  • Menu and ordering

  • Team management

  • Unique business API customizations

Sunrise Integration provides enterprise POS application development and customization.

POS App For Your Business


Once your POS is installed, you may find the need for further customization or integration via app development or API integration services. Our team will add custom enterprise services for your POS platform:


  • Shopify POS

  • Square POS

  • Square for Restaurants

  • Toast POS


  • Vend / Lightspeed

  • Clover

  • and more!

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