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Los Angeles Startup Development Program


Los Angeles has an ever-growing tech scene and we're proud to support new startups in our hometown. Are you in Los Angeles and looking for a tech partner for your startup? We have a special development engagement just for you.


Sunrise Integration supports the Los Angeles Startup and Tech scene

Build, Operate, Transfer

Sunrise Integration understands the needs of enterprise-level startup companies with “Build-Operate-Transfer” engagements. We work with you to develop it, then host and maintain it until your company is ready to takeover. It's a traditional work-for-hire agreement with hosting, maintenance and support included. It's the best way to get your startup off the ground.


We build for startups

We work with your startup in a traditional “work-for-hire” client / vendor relationship to strategize, design and build your product or integration. You retain all ownership and IP of the code and business.

operate startups

We provide SaaS cloud-hosting on our high-availability, secure AWS infrastructure configured and maintained by our team for your business & technology requirements.

transfer startups

When your team is ready to absorb your development, Sunrise Integration will actively assist in the handoff to your team including all knowledge transfer, training, codebase and devops.

The Full Team You Need to Launch Your Idea

Whether you're VC-backed, or angel-funded, you have to control cost. Our startup development program is designed to control costs through Agile management, modern frameworks, SaaS offerings and our specialized program pricing. Our efficient team will get you through all phases:


  • Wireframe and prototypes

  • UI/UX design

  • Security and architecture

  • Development and programming

  • DevOps and hosting

  • Maintenance and support

  • Launching your service


We can even offer temporary co-location office space and conference rooms for local L.A. startups participating in our development engagement. We want you to succeed.

Sunrise Integration "Build, Operate, Transfer" model is best thing to get your startup off the ground.

We're Your Local Los Angeles Startup Partner

20+ Years of Experience in Los Angeles

Our development team has worked on it all, across many industries including fashion, entertainment, food services, business and more. We will help with your startup:


  • Cross Platform Mobile Apps

  • Web-based Services

  • Platform Apps

  • Ecommerce Sites and Services

  • POS, Kiosks, Pop-up Shops

  • Big Data and Analytics

  • Software and Services


Contact us now and let's get your business started!


Our Los Angeles team has over 20 years experience building mobile apps, ecommerce sites, platform services and more!
gear si

System Integration

Integrating essential enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM, OMS, POS, WMS and more API services.

plat dev

Platform Development

Decades of expertise in software engineering for your SAAS, mobile and desktop applications.

We provide managed infrastructure for your applications and services

Managed Infrastructure

We offer highly secure, compliant and SLA-backed managed infrastructure for all your solutions.

We help your startup get connected to ecommerce so you can make money!

Digital  Commerce

We bring our unmatched knowledge of ecommerce and omnichannel retail software to your business.

We know the cloud and the workflow required to get your projects from here to there.

Workflow Software

We develop cloud software products with enterprise workflows to streamline your business requirements.

Big Data and analytics is critical industry for the startup world. Our ETL will help get you started.

Big Data

We deal with data at enterprise scale – pipelines, ETL, business intelligence, AI/ML, analytics and more.