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KWI POS Integration With Shopify and Custom FullCircle ERP Data Synchronization to Improve Scalability for Renowned Global Fashion Brand

Frame Denim retail locations

First Glance


Frame Denim is a renowned global fashion brand that specializes in premium denim and contemporary apparel. The brand has earned a loyal following for its design and quality. With an emphasis on modern cuts, sustainable practices, and innovative fabric technology, Frame Denim has redefined the denim landscape, cementing its place as a leader in the industry and a favorite among celebrities and fashion enthusiasts alike.


Frame Denim boasts an impressive retail presence, with flagship stores in key fashion capitals such as New York, Los Angeles, and London. Frame Denim's strategic retail expansion has enabled the brand to reach a wider audience and solidify its position as a dominant player in the fashion world.


With an expanding online and retail footprint, Frame Denim needed a solution to handle the growing business data from their outlets. Enter the API team at Sunrise Integration.

API Integration to Sync Data

The Challenge


Integrating business data from different platforms can create several challenges and requires experienced data experts to take on the project. One major challenge is dealing with the different API schemas and protocols. Shopify, FullCircle, KWI and Returnly, all use different methods for providing data including CSV flat-files. This makes it more difficult to directly integrate the systems since data formatting and mapping is required. Addressing these challenges was the first crucial step for the Sunrise Integration team to ensure a successful deployment.


Integrating a KWI POS (Point of Sale) system with Shopify, while also sending data to a FullCircle presented a complex issue for Frame Denim. One of the most important aspects was to ensure near-real-time data synchronization between the systems to maintain accurate inventory, sales, and customer information across all channels. Maintaining this data consistency is the only way to avoid discrepancies and errors for Frame's daily processess.


The complexity of the integration process necessitates careful planning, testing, and monitoring to ensure a successful and seamless integration that supports Frame Denim's business objectives.


The Solution


Frame Denim needed an advanced solution for their omnichannel synchronization needs. The solution would handle returns data, order data from Shopify, POS external FTP flat-files and synchronization with their ERP system. The business-critical data included:



  • POS data from their KWI platform

  • Inventory levels

  • Fulfillment and tracking data

  • Data sync with FullCircle ERP

  • Manage returns with Returnly



Sunrise Integration develop a custom solution that provided a powerful recurring data synchronization service, hosted by our highly-available Sunrise Databurst service. Our team provided managed hosting and 24-hour service to ensure the information was flowing accurately. The SaaS (software as a service) implementation provides a data service to create and parse data between the FullCircle, Returnly, Shopify and KWI.


The custom synchronization system incorporated custom logic required by Frame Denim to support their data workflow. This included customized data mapping and private app development including:


Custom Shopify App

It was important for the Frame Denim team to have full visibility into the synchronization service so our Shopify team developed a custom Shopify App to provide service administration. The Private App was embedded into Frame's Shopify admin and was accessible 24/7 by the staff to monitor and manage the settings. It functioned as the central processing and parsing system where the team could view a dashboard, read/write flat files, authenticate files with SFTP servers and transfer data between platforms. The settings gave the team complete control over:


  • Configuration of data and fields

  • Authentication credentials

  • Synchronization scheduler

  • Transfer time and frequency can be modifications

  • Basic site configuration controls

  • Time zone

  • Activate/inactivate services

  • Workflow rules for file processing

  • Data mapping

  • File processing rules

  • Data exports and reporting tool

  • Error and processing alerts

  • Email notifications via app


frame denim work

Integration with KWI

The KWI POS system integrates with third parties using flat files. The flat file integration process involves the exchange of data using plain text files. A flat-file integration is a less modern solution and does not provide a true real-time connection as one would get with an API. To integrate with the KWI we had to establish an SFTP connection to obtain files from their servers. This flat file integration process requires custom services to manage the data mapping, file transfer and data parsing. It is a much more complex process than a direct API process.


Integration with Full Circle

The FullCircle ERP is at the heart of Frame's data workflow. They needed all information to communication with the platform. In order to integrate KWI and Shopify with the FullCircle ERP we had to utilize flat files and REST API data. The first step was identifying the data points from each platform, transforming each format into a unified data stream and then exchanging data between the platforms. This process included:


  • Utilizing flat-file integrations

  • Develop custom data workflows and processing services for each system

  • Transfer files via SFTP

  • Data exchange using REST API endpoints

  • Inventory updates between Shopify and KWI POS

  • Order Export

  • Shipment notification into Shopify

  • In-store pickup/shipment notifications


Integrate Returnly Workflows

Returnly is a returns management solution that Frames uses to process Shopify returns. We integrated Returnly into their Shopify store to handle product returns and handle the RMA numbers coming from their POS. Using the public Returnly API, our team was able to send all returns and RMA data while keeping the customer service team up-to-date.


Frame denim case study and development


The Outcome


The custom API integration between KWI, Shopify, and FullCircle for Frame Denim allowed the business to share critical data between platforms. Frame Denim was able to streamline its inventory management, enhance customer experience, and optimize fulfillment. This innovative solution, delivered by our skilled development team, has paved the way for future scalability.


Ultimately, this case study demonstrates the immense potential of custom API integration, as showcased by Sunrise Integration, in transforming business operations, providing a competitive edge, and driving success in the ever-evolving world of retail.