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Live Shopify Training and Learning

Unlock the full potential of your Shopify store with personalized one-on-one online training, tailored exclusively for your ecommerce business. Dive into the features and empower yourself to customize your own store.


With our one-on-one expert-led sessions, you'll gain the skills and knowledge to ensure your store stands out. Dive in, and learn how to succeed with Shopify.

Affordable expert led online training class for your Shopify business

Elevate your knowledge with our live Shopify training services tailored for your store. Learn from a certified Shopify Partner who's launched major brands and discover the secrets to driving and growing sales. Enroll now to learn more about your Shopify Store and Shopify POS.

One-on-one Training for You

Learn from Experienced Shopify Experts Behind World-Class Brands

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Our team is staffed with Certified Shopify Experts

Our expert-led online courses allow you to interact with an experienced live instructor who will lead you through the training. These are all live one-on-one sessions taught from within your Shopify store, using your own account and configurations. You can ask questions and get real time help from a Shopify Expert.


Our training sessions are designed for new or existing ecommerce merchants and brands using the Shopify platform. If your goal is to learn more about Shopify and take charge of your ecommerce business, then these are the courses for you. You'll learn from our expert team who has launched Shopify services, apps and store for major brands across the world.

Choose The Right Training For You

Basic Shopify Training Courses for Merchants

Live Training - Basic Shopify


In this one-on-one 2-hour training session via Zoom you will learn the basics for configuring, adding data and using your Shopify store.


Topics include:


  • Admin Overview

  • Managing Products & Collections

  • Managing Orders & Customers

  • Using Discounts

  • Selling Gift Cards

  • Creating Blogs and Pages

  • Basic Shipping & Tax Settings

  • Basic Analytics & Reports Overview

  • Theme Basics

  • Abandoned Carts

  • Sales Channels & Shopify Apps


Length:  2-hours via Zoom

Type: One-on-one Live

Price:  $350

Who is this course for:  New store owners who need to understanding how to setup and use Shopify for their ecommerce business.


Advanced training topics for Shopify learning

Live Training - Advanced Shopify Features


In this one-on-one 2-hour training session via Zoom you will learn advanced features, configurations and power-user tools for using your Shopify store.


Topics include:


  • Using Metafields

  • Using Metaobjects

  • Dynamic Theme Data

  • Improving Search & Recommendations

  • Product Filters and Swatches

  • Product Returns

  • Advanced Fraud Tools

  • Multi-Location Selling/Inventory

  • Product Bundles

  • Shopify Marketing Campaigns

  • Shopify Markets Basics (International Selling)


Length:  2-hours via Zoom

Type: One-on-one Live

Price:  $450

Who is this course for:  Existing store owners who want to take advantage of more advanced features and customizations available on the Shopify platform.


Spots are limited, so don't miss your chance to learn from one of the best in the business. Enroll now and start your journey to becoming a Shopify success story!

How it Works

Our live, one-one-training is focused on you and your store. We use Zoom conferencing to review your store and provide training on Shopify features. Use the links above to select the day and time that works with your schedule--we even offer weekend sessions. Just pay online and automatically receive a link and training document. We're so confident with our team that we offer your money back if you're not satisfied.


All sessions are live 2-hours long and utilize collaborator access to review and learn on your own Shopify store. The training will allow you to ask questions and get specific help with your Shopify account.

Learn how to use Shopify from a certified Shopify expert. Online training class

Live online training session with one of our Shopify Experts. Learn from the best!

Shopify Training for Merchants & E-commerce Success

Live Training and Help in Your Store


Our training goes beyond basic tutorials. Engage in live, interactive sessions with an expert who has a proven track record in launching and scaling major brands on Shopify. We have 13+ years of Shopify and Shopify POS experience. Get real-time feedback, hands-on guidance and learn strategies that are directly applicable to your store. Whether you're starting out or looking to refine your skills, our live sessions are for you.


Are you ready to transform your Shopify store into a thriving e-commerce business? Secure your spot in our exclusive training program and start your journey towards becoming a Shopify success story. Enroll now and take the first step towards e-commerce excellence!


Live Shopify one-on-one training for merchants

Free Training Resources

Here are some of the free Shopify Tutorial videos we provide on YouTube. This is the same level of knowledge and explanation you can expect from our expert-led training sessions.

How To Use Shopify Self-Serve Returns - Shopify Tutorial

Learn how to configure the Shopify self-serve returns feature so you can let customers submit product return requests directly from your online store.

Shopify B2B Tutorial - Using the B2B features with your Shopify Plus store

Configure your Shopify Plus store to accept B2B companies, payment terms, price lists and more features to support your reseller partners.

"How to edit your Shopify theme without breaking live site" - Shopify Tutorial

In this tutorial, we'll review how you can duplicate, edit and update your theme. We'll show you how to make changes to your Shopify theme safely and easier.

How to Create Bundles with The New Shopify Bundles App - Summer Editions 2023

In this tutorial we'll show you how to configure products using the Shopify Bundles app and walk you though the steps of creating your first bundle.