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Extensive order management portal and Exigo integration for this international direct sales supplement company.

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Immunotec is a manufacturer of high quality and scientifically proven health products, while offering direct selling services for consultants


First Glance

Immunotec develops products for a healthy lifestyle while offering a direct selling service where consultants can start their own business through a compensation plan to earn additional income. Immunotec has a growing user base and is expanding services across the globe with consultants in Canada, USA, Mexico and South America. As the company grows, their technology must keep up with the growing amount of user data, shipping requirements and international requirements.


Since 2017, Sunrise Integration has served as Immunotec's development partner to ensure the underlying technology scales with the company's growth. Providing everything from custom development, portal hosting and tax integration, Sunrise Integration is always developing new technology for Immunotec.

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The Challenge

It was critical for Immunotec to scale it's technology with the growth of the company. Immunotec was aware that to properly support their consultants and end-users, they needed to invest in high-tech solutions to support their growth. Immunotec has a wide tech stack including platform services from Exigo, tax services and 3PL shipping requirements. Immunotec needed a development partner with strong experience in ecommerce, shipping logistics and API integration expertise.