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How We Integrated a Nanomaterial Life Sciences Company with API Services for Data Delivery

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First Glance

Nanomaterials On-demand


Nano-based research and life sciences company Nanocomposix had an ambitious idea to merge science and tech into an on-demand platform for supplying researchers with data and particle supplies. The company provides nanoparticles for research, development and commercialization. To pull-off this revolutionary service, Nanocomposix would need a tech partner who knows API, data, research and commerce. Nanocomposix turned to the experts at Sunrise Integration to provide the technical know-how to both develop and provide managed AWS services for the process. Most tech companies don't have developers with bio-science degrees, but luckily Sunrise Integration does, so the marriage of tech and science was a perfect fit for Nanocomposix.


uniformly mixed nanoparticles meet high-tech integration with Shopify


The Challenge

Bioengineering related products are a complex item that don't fit perfectly into a normal ecommerce solution. Nanocomposix needed a team who understood both the science aspect to pull off this enterprise integration. It's not an easy find but Sunrise Integration came to the rescue. Our development team featured individuals with experience working in bio-science laboratories. Not only do we have great developers, but they work on curing cancer in their spare time. This unique experience meant we knew exactly what was needed for a successful project.


The desired portal needed an ecommerce layer with a deep integration to their enterprise resource platform. Since Nanocomposix needed to provide a unique cocktails of nanoparticles, the system needed a real time processing layer to handle the data communication.


The Sunrise Integration development team took up the challenge and architected a cloud-based multi-platform solution to handle the ecommerce, data API and cloud hosting.


The Solution

At the heart of the solution is a multi-platform data services integration with Shopify, Salesforce and AWS. Starting with the Shopify platform, customers can quickly find and order specific nanoparticles from the online store. This unique storefront was designed for the science and research community. With the ability to choose specific particles including diameters and mass, the order-information contains critical data points. The Sunrise Integration data experts created a custom synchronization service to cull the particle information from each order and transform it into a compatible format for Nanocomposix's Salesforce platform.


Leveraging the massive redundant and HIPAA compliant capabilities of AWS, our team developed recurring services and provided monthly managed hosting for the data communication layer. This included providing all the particle data to the SFDC platform via custom designed API endpoints. The system securely scans and transforms the particle information to provide it to the Nanocomposix scientists via the Salesforce interface.


Bio science integration with Shopify AWS and Salesforce


The Outcome


Nanocomposix was looking for a omnichannel cloud solution to provide researchers, academics and professionals with access to nanoparticle supplies. By partnering with Sunrise Integration, Nanocomposix gained an experienced team who quickly devised a cloud-based API data interface to provide real time services. The full solution included a Shopify design, enterprise resource synchronization with Salesforce and an AWS cloud-based API system to manage and serve the data.


Our developed team was excited to leverage our tech and science expertise to help launch and maintain the system. Everything from development, design and managed AWS hosting was provided in-house by Sunrise Integration.