Case Studies / Naturewise

Connected Shopify to Amware 3PL and NetSuite ERP development

naturewise casestudy

First Glance


Naturewise promotes health and inspires wellbeing through natural health supplements, multivitamins, probiotics, and herbal blends. As the company grew, they needed to upgrade their ecommerce, shipping and ERP technology. Naturewise had complex needs to support the customers, product line and warehousing. Multi-pack products and raw supplies needed tracking and accouting. The company needed a high-tech solution to solve their data and logistics needs.


Naturewise reached out to Sunrise Integration for custom integration and consultation. Sunrise Integration is a leading health and wellness technology services agency, so the choice was easy.


Naturewise supplement products


The Challenge


It was critical for Naturewise to scale their technology to match the growth of the company. The most crucial need was an integration with a capable third-party logistics warehouse to handle shipments, stock and tracking. Nutritional products have unique needs when it comes to logistics. Every product batch needed to be tracked by expiration dates. Manufacturing lots and expiration was an important piece of the logistics requirements within the warehouse. This created demand for a capable ERP and WMS process.


All of these different platforms and partners had unique API requirements so Naturewise needed a development partner with strong experience in ecommerce, shipping logistics and API integration.


Naturewise ecommerce integration provide by Sunrise Integration


The Solution


The Sunrise Integration team was put in charge of integrating Naturewise with Amware Logistics and NetSuite to ensure everything would synchronize smoothly. Our integration and development team made list of all projects requirements and provided a custom solution for each:


  • Integration with Amware 3PL for shipping

  • API data sync between ecommerce and Amware

  • Integration with NetSuite ERP

  • Custom platform configuration for NetSuite

  • Configure BOM (Build of Materials) in NetSuite

  • Logistics portal for customer service


Sunrise Integration provided complete platform development services for API connections and NetSuite configuration. Our team configured Netsuite to handle the products, warehouse and BOM for Naturewise.


Integrating BOM for Naturewise Netsuite


Our DevOps team designed a high bandwidth AWS infrastructure environment and managed the daily connections. Sunrise Integration maintained consistent third-party platform data connections using REST API and custom PHP development. The full technology stack included developed and integration with Amware Logicistics and NetSuite.


Warehouse Connector


NatureWise needed a custom workflow for their NetSuite connections so we used our Warehouse Connector product to create a comprehensive omni-channel connection.


warehouse connector for custom erp connections


Using Warehouse Connector, our development team was able to create custom mappings and connections to ensure proper synchronization with their NetSuite data.


The omni-channel integration also required a synchronization with their 3PL. We were able to create a complete connection from Warehouse Connector to recieve data from Netsuite, synchronize the products with Shopify and then receieve orders to send to the 3PL. It was a truly complete integration.


Synchronize orders between Shopify and Netsuite