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Performance Team, a leading 3PL provider, modernizes their entire business and gets acquired by Maersk

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First Glance

Transforming a Logistics Company for Direct-to-Consumer Clients

Performance Team is a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider that moves more than 20 million shipments every day through several supply chain hubs around the US. With more than 30 years of experience offering B2B and B2C ecommerce fulfillment solutions for retail and wholesale distribution, Performance Team has developed an exceptional reputation in a wide array of client verticals.


Due to accelerating demand from fast-growing direct-to-consumer clients using Shopify, Performance Team approached Sunrise Integration for our expertise with Shopify app development. They wanted to modernize their business and continue innovating in an increasingly ecommerce focused world.


Performance Team was able to enter into Shopify app integration which allowed them to scale to massive success and primed them for an acquisition by Maersk, a multibillion dollar integrated global shipping company.

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The Challenge

Making a Mark on Today’s Hottest Ecommerce Platforms


While Performance Team had historically offered data connectivity via their Manhattan WMS (warehouse management system), it wasn’t enough to keep up with the “plug-and-play” capabilities of modern ecommerce platforms that their clients had become accustomed to. Without any prior investment in integrated apps nor APIs, they needed a clear roadmap to make a lasting mark on Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento.  Performance Team enlisted Sunrise Integration’s help to modernize their systems so they could continue delivering services at high velocity, with a low barrier to entry for emerging new brands.

The Solution

A Custom App and Standalone Platform for Access to New Opportunities


After undergoing a step-by-step discovery process with Performance Team, which included feature discovery, needs analysis, warehouse site visits and proof-of-concept, the Sunrise Integration team built a minimum viable product (MVP) and optimized it to keep operating costs low and product performance high.


Performance Team’s new customized app allows their clients to send orders from Shopify stores to their enterprise Manhattan WMS for fulfillment. The app takes information from that system, which is networked through all their fulfillment centres, and turns it into something that the Shopify platform can read.


Here’s the process that each Shopify order for Performance Team goes through:


  • Once an order comes into a Shopify store, the app sends that order to Performance Team’s nationwide warehouse system

  • Staff at the warehouse picks the order, updates the system and sends that information back to the Shopify store

  • Then, the shipping label is printed and the system updates the order status

  • This triggers a notification to the Shopify store and the customer so everyone knows the order has been shipped


The new app makes receiving and shipping orders automatic, saving a significant amount of time because much of the process no longer has to be done manually.


With the success of their MVP,  Performance Team wanted more features in order to address the needs of their clients. Together, we worked on a significantly improved second version of the app. These features included:


  • Advanced product administration platform

  • Improved synchronization (set by Performance Team)

  • Order management and fulfillment status

  • Reporting and analytics


With these improvements and changes to Performance Team’s business, we also bolstered their security protocols to ensure that all their data is well protected.

The Outcome

Entering New Markets with Shopify


With this new app and an overall upgrade in their technology stack, Performance Team now has access to markets that were previously inaccessible to them. They’re able to reach more clients and industries with their new positioning as a technology forward company.


Since the launch of the app, Performance Team has seen explosive growth in orders for their clients through Shopify. One of our mutual clients, Quay Australia, was able to successfully process 60,000 orders per hour!


Thanks to the huge success of the app, Maersk took notice of their performance in the marketplace and acquired Performance Team in 2020.

Looking to the Future

More Growth on the Horizon


To continue building on their forward momentum, Performance Team is working with us on Version 3 of their app to grow their market share and reach even bigger milestones.