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Multibillion dollar international logistics providers Pitney Bowes and Borderfree gain a massive foothold in the Shopify ecosystem

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First Glance

A Faster, Better Way to Ship Internationally.


Pitney Bowes is a multibillion-dollar, 100-year old leading supplier of postage, shipping and international logistics services. In their continued efforts to innovate and grow their market share, Pitney Bowes acquired Borderfree, an independent company which helps US businesses sell and ship products to other countries.


Our partnership with Pitney Bowes and Borderfree began after a few months of providing solutions for our clients who were using Borderfree. We recognized that Pitney Bowes and Borderfree could benefit from a custom order management system (OMS) app which would enable their clients to ship to customers around the world with more ease and efficiency.

The Challenge

Achieving Seamless and Effortless Integration with Shopify


Data connectivity to services from Pitney Bowes had already been available to their customers via API to use for custom development. These solutions could be used with Magento and Demandware, but Pitney Bowes recognized a huge opportunity they had yet to pursue. Thanks to recent trends towards SaaS carts and Shopify App Store plug-and-play integrations, an increasing number of their customers were asking for an installable app for their shopping cart platform of choice.


The Sunrise Integration team had already developed a cross-border retail solution for our own needs and when we launched it, several businesses approached us about the app. We realized that many companies could benefit from this solution, including Pitney Bowes. Soon, we developed a partnership with them to provide their own OMS that would be used by Shopify merchants across all industries.

Before we partnered with Pitney Bowes and Borderfree, there was no solution that could move order data between their systems and Shopify in a seamless way. After several engagements, we standardized our app to meet that need and improve their workflows.

The Solution

Building a Powerful Custom OMS App


After undergoing a thorough discovery process with Pitney Bowes’ team, we began building a custom Shopify OMS middleware for cross-border retail, called Global OMS. 


The Global OMS service automatically synchronizes order imports, product feed creation and shipment tracking notification between Shopify and Pitney Bowes and Borderfree. It is a scalable, end-to-end global ecommerce system that handles international enterprise retail. With it, Pitney Bowes and Borderfree are able to localize their domestic website for international consumers (currency and exchange rates, languages, country, prices), integrate cross border logistics, automatic synchronization and provide global customer service.


The main benefits of Global OMS include:


  • Real time order tracking

  • Automated product feeds

  • Tracking and logs for every step of the process

  • Custom integration

The Outcome

Adoption by Big Brands


Global OMS is a multi-tenant SaaS application that’s being used by many high-profile Pitney Bowes clients on Shopify, such as Rebecca Minkoff, RevTown, Good American and Frame. 

Looking to the Future

A Fruitful Partnership Continues


After seeing the success of Global OMS and how many Shopify merchants started using the solution, Pitney Bowes enlisted us to advise their team on the development of e-commerce applications. As their long standing partner, we look forward to building more solutions to encourage their continued growth.