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First Glance


Driven by their love for adventure, Pulseer's mission is to provide thrill-seeking explorers with unique experiences on the water. This high-energy lifestyle brand offers exciting watersport boards for adventurous wave surfers called the eFoil (aka electric hydrofoil). The eFoil is an innovative watercraft that combines electric propulsion with hydrofoil technology, allowing riders to surf above the water's surface at up to 30 mph!


As an emerging brand in the watersports industry, it needed a dynamic site to reflect the personalities and needs of its customers. Pulseer turned to the design and development team at Sunrise Integration to take on this exciting challenge.



The Challenge


Designing and developing a new ecommerce site for Pulseer presented several unique challenges that our team was able to overcome. The first challenge was to find a way to effectively demonstrate the excitement of fast-paced hydrofoil surfing on a two-dimensional website. Pulseer's customers are thrill seekers who need an immersive experience. Other aspects we needed to convey included:


  • Educating the consumer: eFoils are a relatively new technology, so it was essential for our team to provide information about safety, operation, and maintenance.

  • Technical specifications: This new technology comes with a lot of important details that the average surfer isn't used to encountering such as battery life, charging time, weight capacity, and speed capabilities. This information is crucial to potential buyers so we had to ensure it was clearly available to help the customer make a buying decision.

  • Easy checkout: The most important aspect for Pulseer was to make the purchasing process easy. We had to consider a secure, user-friendly system to support purchasing, shipping and return policies.


Our design and development team felt confident we could address these challenges effectively and create an expansive ecommerce website that engages and informs customers while driving sales and fostering the Pulseer brand.



The Solution


Our team was excited to help bring the excitement of hydrofoil surfing to the web. Our solution was designed to address the challenges and produce a user-friendly, engaging platform that drives sales and fosters brand loyalty.


To address Pulseer's requirements and concerns, we started the process with our industry-recognized Discovery Assessment process where our team takes a white-glove approach to understanding client needs. Our design and discovery process starts with a comprehensive, step-by-step process of outlining the user personas, customer journey and target customers. This information helps our design team formulate a user experience that matches the desire of the target audience. The entire site and ecommerce flow was outlined using Figma and presented to Pulseer for approval.


Pulseer wanted easy-to-use, top-rated ecommerce services so we set them up on the Shopify platform. Shopify is the clear leader in providing digital commerce services.


"We wanted users to feel the thrill and excitement of riding the Pulseer eFoil while browsing the site."

– Kurt, Senior Designer


The Outcome


Our design and development team was proud to launch the new Pulseer site to the masses. We worked directly with the client to produce an exciting destination for eFoil customers. When customers visit the Pulseer site they can expect an exciting experience that engages the senses, including:


High-quality images and videos

The best way to create excitement and FOMO was to show the eFoil in-action using high-quality images and videos. We incorporated stunning images and full-width videos showcasing the eFoil products on the water. These visuals are prominently featured on the homepage and throughout the site to generate that desire and create an immersive experience.


Easy checkout

Once the customer is hooked, we needed to make it easy to checkout. Choosing one of the most reliable ecommerce platforms in Shopify meant that Pulseer would have a quick, user-friendly checkout process.


Educational blogs and content

We added an informational Blog section to help educate customers on this new sport. The site has a dedicated "Learn" section featuring information on eFoil operation, maintenance, and safety guidelines.


Technical information

The options and customization for the eFoils can get very specific so our UX team focused on a well-organized layout. The UI features images and text to demonstrate the tech-specs. Customers can easily see the different battery, wing and color options right on the product page.


Social proof

Nothing is better than seeing happy people ride the waves on an eFoil so we prominently displayed social media content from excited followers. The customer-generated content is featured right on the homepage with photos and videos of real-life eFoil users having the time of their lives.



Our team is always excited when we successfully develop and launch a new project. We thank Pulseer for this great opportunity and look forward to keeping the site looking and working great!


Our development team was excited to leverage our tech and design expertise to help launch and maintain the store. Everything from theme development, design and Shopify expertise was provided in-house by Sunrise Integration.