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CBD ecommerce sales solutions including custom payment integrations, Magento, Shopify, Exigo and recurring subscriptions

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First Glance


Purium is an established leader in the health, nutraceuticals and wellness industry, primarily focusing on organic superfoods and nutrition. Since its inception, the company has grown significantly and Purium was looking to expand their ecommerce integration by expanding into Shopify as their core platform. This strategic move was geared towards enhancing Purium's online presence and streamlining their sales processes, ultimately facilitating a more efficient and user-friendly ecommerce experience for their customers.


Purium aimed to expand their digital footprint and improve their online customer experience. Recognizing the need for an advanced ecommerce solution, Purium approached Sunrise Integration for our proficiency in digital commerce transformation and expertise with Shopify, Magento and Exigo. Sunrise Integration is a leading health and wellness technology services agency, so the choice was easy. Our experience in developing and integrating sophisticated digital commerce systems was pivotal in addressing the specific needs of Purium and ensure a successful project.


The Challenge


It was critical for Purium to upgrade it's technology and grow the company with more modern ecommerce options. Purium knew they needed to better support their consultants and end-users, and  invest in high-tech ecommerce solutions to support their customers. Purium has a wide tech stack including platform services from Exigo, analytics services and 3PL shipping requirements. Addressing these challenges demanded a combination of technical proficiency, strategic planning, and an in-depth understanding of Purium's business objectives. Sunrise Integration's role was pivotal in navigating these complexities to achieve a successful digital transformation for Purium.


Purium wanted to utilize Shopify as the core ecommerce platform for their partners while still utilizing Exigo as the backend system. Exigo is a comprehensive platform designed for managing distributors, commissions, and sales performance in the direct selling industry. These advanced featured didn't have a direct line into Shopify so we knew custom feature development would be required to provide customers access to the features they were using. Custom development work was expected in order to tailor Shopify fit Purium's specific Exigo needs, including customized reporting, analytics, and API integrations.


The integration process also involved managing customer details, payment integrations, product, and inventory synchronization. This was particularly challenging given the need to ensure seamless transactions, accurate shipping calculations, and tax compliance across different regions. This transformation was not just a technical upgrade but also a strategic move to position Purium as a modern Shopify-based option.


Another significant challenge that Sunrise Integration faced was the desired sale of CBD products. At the time, Shopify's policies were more restrictive regarding the sale of CBD products on its platform. This presented a unique challenge because CBD products were a part of Purium's product lineup, which they wanted to include in their online store. We knew this would require an additional Magento option, which Purium was already comfortable using.

Migrating Purium to Shopify

The Solution


Our development team worked with Purium to ensure a successful development. This included migrating features to Shopify, developing multiple API connections, integrating Exigo services and communication with 3PL services. Our solutions included:


  • Integration with Exigo

  • Utilizing Shopify as the frontend ecommerce service

  • Provide multi-user seller services

  • Support CBD selling

  • Synchronization with inventory

  • Integration with Magento

  • Custom AWS infrastructure

  • Maintain commission and transactions


The entire workflow relies on highly available API connections between AWS, Exigo, Shopify, Magento and external shipping systems. We provided guidance for the AWS architecture, API connections and SaaS infrastructure to support stable platform architecture to meet the demands of the Exigo integration.


Configuring the AWS infrastructure for Shopify app


Custom Shopify Apps and Pages


The biggest part of the project involved creating the custom Shopify proxy app required to support the sales and end-user/partner landing pages. Purium needed a unique solution that was not readily available through Shopify's standard features: a custom marketplace for partners. This marketplace was designed to enable Purium customers to create personalized Shopify landing pages for promoting and selling Purium products. The pages would use the customer's handle to create a page on the site where they would receive full attribution for all sales. These personalized pages were strategically designed to attribute sales directly to the partners who promoted and sold the products. This feature maintained the core business model of partnering with customers for direct selling with commissions. The main app would provide the frontend UI/UX, while the backend services handled data synchronization for customers, orders and products. This ensured that the Exigo and Shopify systems were always up to date.


Exigo sync with Shopify for orders, products and customers


We utilized Shopify's "proxy app" capabilities to create the main storefront service for Purium. Shopify proxy apps extend the capabilities of stores by acting as intermediaries between the Shopify platform and external services or platform like Exigo. We created a special URL on the Purium Shopify store that invoked the proxy service. This page would read the URL and extract the affiliate name from the query. The system would then search the Exigo user database to check for proper attribution. The best part about proxy apps, is they support Liquid, Shopify's template language. This means the Purium page could query Shopify store data via Liquid and render it with the custom HTML like it was part of the store's theme. This created a fully integrated solution that operated like any normal Shopify page. From the user's perspective, the integration appears seamless and works perfectly.


Using a Shopify app proxy we can combine external Exigo data


Custom Exigo Integration with the Exigo API


Exigo is a popular platform for direct selling and we receive many requests to provide custom integration services for the platform. It provides a suite of tools for inventory management, order processing, customer relationship management and commission calculations. One of the key features of Exigo is its robust API which we relied heavy upon for the connection to Shopify. The workflow required a few key steps:


  • When an order is placed on Shopify store, it needs to be synchronized to Exigo

  • The partner needs to be detected for attribution

  • Commission amounts needed to be calculated

  • Special discount codes needed to be applied to the order

  • Tax and order calculations using Exigo API

  • Calculate order details and returns ship methods


Since Purium works with selling partners (i.e. customers), the calculation for commission was important. We needed to ensure order integrity throughout the entire process. Exigo uses two fields known as Business Volume (BV) and Commissionable Volume (CV) to handle the correct calculations based upon order price.


Due to the large volume of data and orders, we needed more complex data capabilities. Luckily Exigo provides a SyncSQL feature where our development can utilize direct SQL calls to Exigo to perform table joins and larger calls. This gave the development a more enterprise approach to handling the calculations and data.


CBD and Magento


Purium was interested in supporting a line of CDB products however couldn't use Shopify for this specific line. Our team was able to create a special expansion site on Magento to support the sales. This development included architecting a cloud-based infrastructure to support the data communication between Magento, Shopify and Exigo. All orders from Magento needed the same commission calculations and customer attribution as on Shopify.

Purium was offering CBD products and needed a solution


The Outcome


The Sunrise Integration team was put in charge of integrating Exigo, Shopify and Magento with the core Purium workflows. Our integration and development team made list of all projects requirements and provided a custom solution to meet the needs. We provided complete platform development services, custom API connections and Exigo configuration. Our DevOps team designed a high bandwidth AWS infrastructure environment for managed the daily connections and keeping the workflows running.


We're proud of the work we completed for Purium and are excited to see their platform flourish.