Integrating mobile food delivery services with Shopify including custom bundled subscription products.


First Glance

QuickFresh is a meal delivery service providing nutritional and convenient meals, that taste great. QuickFresh takes the guesswork out of eating right by delivering nutritious, tasty meals that help develop healthy lifestyle habits. Fast, fresh meals are delivered to your door and ready to eat in less than three minutes.


Meal delivery companies have seen a huge surge in business over the last year and it was critical for QuickFresh to enter the market with a solid, feature-rich service. This is where QuickFresh partnered with Sunrise Integration to develop an enterprise solution that will scale


four individual quickfresh meals


The Challenge

QuickFresh was looking to launch their meal delivery service and knew they needed to not only solve the technology puzzle but also the last mile delivery required to complete their service. Last mile delivery is the final leg of the delivery process when an item gets transported to its final destination, which is typically a personal residence. The last mile delivery is often the most complex and most expensive part of this type of service due to logistical issues, routing needs and preparing deliveries. Optimizing the delivery process is critical to keeping customers happy and weighed heavily on the system architecture. QuickFresh needed an experienced development partner to design an enterprise solution.


QuickFresh turned to Sunrise Integration to handle the platform integration and system design. QuickFresh had a full technology stack that needed to communicate seemlessly to optimize their business needs. Sunrise Integration was presented with the challenge to create an enterprise solution incorporating Shopify Plus, ReCharge, ShipStation and OnFleet. In addition, Sunrise Integration had to solve critical business requirements like product bundles, recurring subscription products, pick & pack workflows, barcode scanning and packing labels. 


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The Solution

The Sunrise Integration development team went to work creating a solution that provides efficiency and scalability for QuickFresh. To make everything work, the team started architecting a custom middleware solution and API integration services. We decided using our Warehouse Connector product will provide QuickFresh with a centralized portal for managing orders, deliveries and workflows. Utilizing Shopify's GraphQL API, Sunrise Integration was able to create a direct link to OnFleet using Warehouse Connector.


Orders from Shopify are sent directly to Warehouse Connector where the local delivery orders are sorted with the national delivery orders.


onfleet tech


The integration with OnFleet means QuickFresh can quickly get delivery orders out to customers while tracking progress of each order. The OnFleet mobile app gives QuickFresh direct access to each driver's location and delivery status. The tight API integration means delivery status is transferred to Shopify.


We integrated Recharge as the recurring subscription service to manage the weekly billing and delivery orders. Every week Recharge will automatically create the delivery orders and charge the customer's account. Using the Recharge platform, customers can pause orders, change their billing details or view any information regarding their subscription. The powerful Recharge API capabilities allowed Sunrise Integration to develop a tightly integrated "bundle builder" middleware service that extracts the individual food item from the subscription order and creates each meal line-item.  This gives QuickFresh the exact breakdown of each meal in the customer's bundle.


The Outcome

After developing and integrating all of the services together, we were able to provide QuickFresh with an efficient, highly scalable platform. They can see all of their orders and deliveries in one single portal within Warehouse Connector. The integrated Workflow tools in Warehouse Connectors gives their team a powerful pick-and-pack system that automatically aggregates the orders for each day. The picking team can then focus on packaging the orders for that day and preparing the boxes for the delivery drivers. National orders are sent to ShipStation for label purchasing while local delivery orders are prepped for the drivers. All of this is handled easily using barcode scanners to manage the products and orders.


whc quickfresh


The system automatically receives the orders from Shopify and organizes the different methods for delivery and shipping. Using Warehouse Connector gives QuickFresh an efficient platform with complete automation. The delivery orders are integrated with the OnFleet mobile-app delivery system which handles creating routes and assigning drivers. Everything flows through one platform with complete UI/UX and reporting services. The API integration with OnFleet gives complete delivery information including delivery notification within Shopify. When the meals are marked delivered by the driver, the orders are updated to "fulfilled" in Shopify.


Looking to the Future

QuickFresh is growing their business and expanding across the West Coast. As delivery services reach 8 states, QuickFresh and Sunrise Integration are keeping an eye on the quickfuture. QuickFresh will be able to build upon the powerful API layer developed by Sunrise Integration and offer exciting new services like a mobile app, in-store POS Kiosks and more.


We're excited to be QuickFresh's technology development partner and look forward to creating the future. The popularity of home delivery sees no indication of slowing down so we only see good things in the future for QuickFresh.


quickfresh food on table