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Onfleet is the trusted last mile delivery solution for dozens of industries including food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, furniture, pharmacy and more. Sunrise Integration can connect your business to mobile app delivery technology like route optimization, dispatch, mapping, SMS notifications, real-time driver tracking, and more using OnFleet.


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We Bring Last Mile Delivery Services to Your Business

Benefits of OnFleet

The Sunrise Integration development team can empower your business with industry-leading last-mile delivery features using OnFleet. We can integrate powerful features like:


  • Route Optimization

  • AI-based Automated Dispatch

  • Real-time Driver Tracking

  • Automatic SMS Notifications

  • Proof-of-delivery

  • Real-time Driver Chat via Mobile App

  • Synchronize with ERP or Ecommerce Store

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                                    (Image Source: OnFleet)

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World-Class Delivery Services

Our development team can connect the OnFleet technology to your business with a custom integration. Our expert API development and mobile programming team will add real-time delivery and last mile services to your ecommerce store (like Shopify or Magento), ERP system, CRM platform or more. Bringing high-quality last mile delivery services to your business increases customer satisfaction, reduces costs and boosts profits.


Investing in a delivery management integration project with Sunrise Integration will help you stay on top of the rapidly-changing space, optimize your last-mile delivery, keep your customers happy, and promote long-term business success.


Ready to supercharge your delivery services?