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Custom Shopify app for Goorin, Oros Apparel, Frame Denim

returnly casestudy

First Glance


Returnly is an online platform providing a quick and easy return experiences for customers. The system provides instant credit for the customers allowing them to purchase new items right away. The Returnly team visited the Sunrise Integration offices in 2018 and discussed their desire to partner with development teams to provide custom services and API integration. Sunrise Integration was excited to work with Returnly on a series of great projects.


The Challenge


Returnly was looking for a development partner to help with ecommerce platform integration projects. In 2018, the Returnly API was newly released and the company was looking for experienced ecommerce development partners who could handle enterprise API projects. Returnly met with Sunrise Integration and provided specifications on the current and upcoming API resources. Our development team is full of API experts so we quickly knew what it would take to create exciting new products and services to support Returnly.


Sunrise Integration does custom API work with Returnly


The Solution


The Sunrise Integration team created a series of custom apps for Shopify and a standalone synchronization service using the Sunrise Databurst platform created by Sunrise Integration. Right out of the gate, our team was tasked with solving issues for some great retailers including:


  • Oros Apparel

  • Frame Denim

  • Goorin Bros


Each merchant had unique requirements to integrate Returnly within their workflow. Our team created custom solutions including a unique Shopify app for quickly synchronizing order and return data with Returnly.


Another unique integration involved synchronizing Returnly data with FedEx logistics services. Our team developed a recurring back-office service that utilized the Returnly API to pull returns and sync the data with FedEx. Now the client could track all their returns and orders from within the FedEx platform.


In addition, our ERP team developed a custom Returnly connector to sync data between Shopify, SAP and the Oracle Retail POS. Orders coming from Shopify and the POS are sent to SAP and any returns are tracked throughout the entire omni-channel workflow.



The Outcome


By partnering with Sunrise Integration, Returnly gained an experienced team with cloud-based API development services. The full solution to manage and serve data.


Our developed team was excited to leverage our tech and logistics expertise to develop and maintain various Returnly integration services. Everything from development, design and managed AWS hosting was provided in-house by Sunrise Integration.