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Online Visual Wheel Builder Tool for Custom Wheel Designs

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Ridewright Wheels is a U.S. manufacturer of versatile, custom fat spoke, wire and billet mag motorcycle wheels for Harley-Davidson, Indian, Victory and more

First Glance

Ridewright is one of the most trusted industry manufacturers of precision made motorcycle wheels. Ridewright features many custom options like spoke wheels with thin or fat spokes, different wheel packages, rims, spokes, all in a different array of colors and finishes. With so many options, Ridewright needed an easy, visual way for customers to create their own custom wheels online. In 2015, Ridewright approached Sunrise Integration to develop their online visual wheel builder tool for their Shopify store. The wheel builder has been motoring along smoothly ever since.


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The Challenge

Ridewright wanted an easy way for customers to create custom wheels online. With so many different options and colors, Ridewright needed a development partner who could design and develop a user-friendly visual customization tool for their Shopify website. Ridewright wanted a visual online tool where customers could design their own custom wheels and place them on their motorcycle to see the design in real time. Then the customers could share their designs and purchase everything all in one go. With the requirements in hand, the Sunrise Integration web development team started prototyping designs and gathering images that would be used in the wheel builder.


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The Solution

Working with Ridewright, our design team provided mock-ups and prototypes of the wheel builder tool. Ridewright wanted every aspect of the wheel to reflect the numerous options so the design team allowed for real time selection of the rim, hubs, nips, spokes, rotors, tires and pulley. Each one of these options had their own color too so a color-picker was required at each step. Since Ridewright wanted a "realistic" look to the wheel builder, we used actual photographs of each element and used a compositing algorithm to create real time changes. The design team had over 150 Mb of images that needed optimizing for quick access online.


The design mock-ups were sent to Ridewright for approval and then it was off to the development team to create each section based upon the prototype. The wheels and options are displayed on-screen and update in real time based upon the customer's selection.


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Another important requirement was the social aspect of the design. Customers are proud of their bikes and often share pictures on social media. Ridewright wanted to tap into this sharing culture and benefit from some social marketing. Our integration team added social media sharing capabilities into the wheel builder so customers can show off their designs.


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Once all of the selections are complete, the wheel builder displays a chart of each item for the front and rear wheels. Customers can quickly review their selection and easily checkout with one-click to purchase the wheels online. With over 1400 parts, the wheel builder made creating wheels easy and fun. Updates and changes are easily adjusted by clicking into the different sections of the wheel builder. The easy-to-use tool displays everything right on the screen.


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The Outcome

As soon as the wheel builder tool launched, it was a popular attraction for the Ridewright site. Customers enjoyed creating their wheels in real time and sharing those designs with their followers on social media. With over 1400 individual parts, the wheel builder made creating wheels easy and fun.


The Sunrise Integration development team was excited to launch the Wheel Builder for Ridewright and is happy to see all of the buzz around the tool. The Wheel Builder was a great example of development and design coming together to create a tool that improved the shopping experience for Ridewright's customers.


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