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Online and retail integration with Quickbooks, Magento and Salesforce

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Smoking Vapor is a leading retailer who needed custom integration for their premium e-cigars, vape accessories and e-liquids.

First Glance

Started in '08 as a way to help friends & family make the move to a healthier smoking alternative, Smoking Vapor has blossomed from a family-owned and operated business into a growing brand and company. Smoking Vapor’s products are rated the best in the industry and is known as the premier electronic cigarette company in the market.

The Challenge

As a growing business, Smoking Vapor’s online sales started taking off and they needed a more robust online presence.  Sunrise Integration was brought in to develop custom Magento apps, expand the integration with Salesforce, development of wholesale services and AWS infrstructure management.

The Solution

The Sunrise Integration team was put in charge of Smoking Vapor’s online services to ensure everything was running smoothly while developing new connections. Sunrise Integration provided a complete Magento managed solution and platform development for Smoking Vapor. Our DevOps team designed a high bandwidth AWS infrastructure environment and managed the daily connections.


Sunrise Integration maintained consistent third-party platform data connections using REST API and custom PHP development. The full technology stack included developed and integration with, ShipStation, Salesforce and QuickBooks.

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The Outcome

Smoking Vapor's retail and online sales have continued to grow and thanks to their fully integrated omnichannel solution, their sales data is quickly available to their online, B2B and retail channels.