Complete Shopify Plus Design and Development With Klaviyo Integration for Ashley DSG's Upper-End Retail Brand, Worth & Co.

Worth and Co fine furnishings

First Glance


Ashley DSG is a large, family-owned home furnishings retailer with over 163 locations in the United States and Canada. In 2023, Ashley launchied a new upper-end retail brand named Worth and Co. The new brand will offer customers an immersive retail experience that includes furniture, apparel and jewelry. Worth and Co will be dedicated to offering consumers an elevated lifestyle experience and curates designs and collections for every occasion.


In May 2024, the new 40,000-square-foot retail store opened in Houston, TX, which includes 3,500 square feet devoted to accessories, apparel and jewelry. A 2,000-square-foot lounge and cafe area outfitted with leather upholstery will round out the amenities of the location.


With such a phenomenal brand on their hands, Ashley and Worth and Co needed an equally impressive ecommerce website to whet the appetite of discerning customers. This is where the design and development team at Sunrise Integration stepped in to create a one-of-a-kind showcase and catalog site.


The Worth & Co store is open in Texas

The Challenge


Designing and developing a website for a high-end furniture retailer like Worth and Co. involves a unique set of challenges that require careful attention to detail and a strategic approach. Our design and development team felt confident we could address these challenges and create a website that engages and informs customers while elevating the brand. Everything in the store has special-order capability and allows for customization so the website had to reflect that.


One challenge we had to address was how to effectively portray high quality and luxury through the digital platform. Creating the online site for Worth & Co. wasn't just about putting products online. It's a high-end furniture retailer dedicated to providing customers with premium products, so the website must reflect this, not just through professional, high-resolution photographs of the furniture but also in the design and functionality of the site itself. This requires a blend of aesthetic appeal and usability.


We were excited to take on this challenge. With experience designing for other high-end retailers, our team knew exactly where to start to provide Worth and Co with enterprise support and service.

 The Solution


Our team was excited to help bring the high-end luxury of Worth & Co to the web. Our solution addressed the challenges and focused on an engaging site that drives early interest and fosters brand loyalty. In order to provide a comprehensive digital solution our team needed to flesh out several key elements, leveraging both technology and design.


UX/UI Design

The user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design plays a crucial role in ensuring that the site portrays the intended image and luxury that Worth & Co is seeking. The design work for the Worth & Co. website presented a unique opportunity to create an immersive and responsive experience.


The design process started with our comprehensive design-discovery workshop. In this phase we immersed ourselves in the brand’s identity, understanding the intricate details of their logos, wordmarks, fonts, and colors, ensuring our design decisions adhered strictly to the brand guidelines.

Our strategy included the creation of wireframes and prototypes, pivotal for establishing the user journey and the website’s layout. This process was essential to provide a seamless experience for users across various devices, from mobile phones to desktop computers.

To enhance the visual appeal, we sourced high-quality imagery and videos, reinforcing the brand narrative through compelling visual elements. We meticulously refined the style guide, and involved the client's feedback guaranteeing brand consistency across the website.

Throughout this project, we engaged closely with stakeholders, aligning our design vision with their expectations. This collaboration ensured that the final design not only met but exceeded the high expectations of the end user, resulting in a striking, user-friendly website that upholds the brand’s legacy. The Worth and Co. website case study is a testament to our thorough and innovative design process.


Web Development

There was no question that the ecommerce development team at Sunrise Integration would use Shopify Plus as the best-in-class ecommerce platform for Worth and Co. Shopify's modern, flexible web platform offers great customization and functionality. Our Shopify Experts developed a custom theme and layout to bring a unique outlook to the Worth & Co site. We created unique theme sections to display the products in a dynamic manner to encourage interactivity by the customers.


The main homepage features high-resolution video and product images to entice the customer into the world of Worth and Co. Customers can browse the bold designs and sign-up for the newsletter to receive more information from the brand. Using Klaviyo, our marketing team incorporated web forms to capture customer information and allow for membership sign-ups. Our content team crafted text to round out the information and detail pages.


The site is designed responsively and works seamlessly across a range of devices including desktops, tablets, and mobile browsers. To allow for future growth, it was built with scalability in mind.


Online Product Catalog

In May 2024 we helped Worth and Co launch their online furniture catalog. Customers can now browse the array of elegant items available from Worth and Co. Spanning the large category of items, customers can see images and prices for the most popular products. Worth and Co is showcasing some of their top home furniture products. The Sunrise Integration team will help them expand to full shopping experience in the near future.


Worth&Co now have a live product catalog online


Looking to the Future

The Worth & Co. team loved the final product. The brand's digital transformation involved a comprehensive process encompassing modern technology, top-quality design, and enterprise support. Together, our strategic planning, creative design, and technical development ensure a solid support system for Worth & Co's future success.


This level of design and development detail is vital for Worth & Co. to stay competitive in today's digital landscape. Worth & Co.'s digital transformation enables them to adapt quickly to market changes, meet customer expectations, and position itself as a leader. Plus, with Sunrise Integration as a digital partner, Worth & Co. is poised to quickly enact technology innovations to make the brand a leader in the online space.

The Outcome


We're thrilled to announce the successful launch of the sophisticated, user-friendly website for the highly anticipated new furniture brand, Worth and Co. This significant achievement marks not just the culmination of months of meticulous planning, creative designing, and innovative development, but also paves the way for an exciting digital transformation for our client.


The sleek design of the new website will substantially enhance the excitement of interested customers awaiting the opening of the new store. The platform's high-quality visuals and detailed product previews will boost brand engagement and customer anticipation.


The site launch for Worth and Co signifies a valuable stepping stone into the next phase of their strategic digital roadmap. Sunrise Integration is already eagerly anticipating the next phase of the project. We aim to continuously enhance and refine the website by leveraging user feedback and incorporating advanced technologies. Our objective is to ensure the website stays current and competitive, providing a continually evolving and engaging digital experience for Worth and Co and their customers. Our digital partnership with Worth & Co and Ashley Furniture is far from over. We're just at the beginning of an exciting, transformative digital odyssey.