5 Tips to Improve Your Store's Customer Experience

5 Tips to Improve Your Store's Customer Experience

July 6th, 2022

The customer is king – so how can you ensure they love your ecommerce store? Here are some ways you can improve your customers' experience.

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Keep Your Customers Happy


It's no secret that the customer is king. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar store, or an online shop, you need to ensure that customers get what they want. Your store should not impede the process of happy customers flocking to checkout. So how do you keep everyone happy? Here are some tips to keep your ecommerce store in tip-top shape.


tip 1


Tip 1: Add a Bestsellers Category


If you want to sell more, show your customers what's flying off the shelves. Create a category on your site that displays the best-selling items to attract more sales and help customers know what's popular. It also helps guide them if they're not sure what to buy.


Add your catalog so customers can see what you have


Tip 2: Add Product Recommendations


Make it easier for customers to make a choice and buy more with product recommendations. You can implement this based on individual products and/or the customer's behavior on your website.


Everybody loves a sale. Add some banners and let them know


Tip 3: Offer Promotional Banners


Who doesn't love a good deal? Use promotional banners to alert your customers about sales, promotions or discounts to increase your sales and brand loyalty.


Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to navigate


Tip 4: Add Keyboard Shortcuts


Increase your customer's productivity so they can accomplish more by using keyboard shortcuts.


Everybody wants a fast site. Focus on speed!


Tip 5: Focus on Site Speed


Slow websites are annoying and a surefire way to get customers to leave your site. Focus on optimizing your website speed and your customers will love you for it.


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