How to Create Shopify Product Swatches Using Visual Filters

How to Create Shopify Product Swatches Using Visual Filters

November 28th, 2023

Color swatch filters can transform the shopping experience for your customers. It's a crucial tool for enhancing product discovery and boosting sales. Let's review the new Shopify visual filters!

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Color Swatches Help Sell


Integrating color swatches into your Shopify ecommerce store can greatly benefit both you and your customers, especially if you're selling apparel. Instead of just describing the colors in words, wouldn't it be great to display little color blocks (swatches) right next to the shirt? Even better, what if your customers could filter/search by color swatches? 


Each swatch represents an available color for that item. When a customer clicks on a swatch, they see the item in that color. This method is much easier and more intuitive than having them guess what "ocean blue" might look like or making them click through multiple pages to find the color they want. Color swatches help customers make informed decisions, improving satisfaction and potentially increasing your sales.


Let's dive into the game-changing new Visual Filters feature now available on Shopify. Discover how these color swatch filters can transform the shopping experience. This feature is not just a visual upgrade, it's a crucial tool for enhancing product discovery and boosting sales.


How To Use The Shopify Visual Filters Color Swatches - Tutorial


New Shopify Visual Filters


Shopify has added another great new feature to their Search and Discovery app. You can now create native "visual" filters for color filtering and swatches. Using the Shopify Metaobjects, you can create a custom filter to give your customers easy access to their favorite colors!


Customers appreciate color swatches because they offer a visual way to see the available colors for your products. Instead of reading through a text list of colors, customers can instantly see small samples of each color. This visual representation helps them make a faster and more confident decision. It's like seeing paint samples in a hardware store, making it easier to visualize the final product instead of guessing from random names.


As a Shopify store merchant, color swatches are beneficial as they enhance the experience for your customers. A better shopping experience leads to higher customer satisfaction. When customers can easily find and select products, they are more likely to make a purchase. This can lead to increased sales. Color swatches can also reduce the likelihood of returns. Customers who have a clear idea of the color they are purchasing are less likely to return the item due to color discrepancies. This not only saves on return costs but also helps in maintaining customer satisfaction and trust in the brand.



What's Your Favorite Color?


We humans are visual creatures. We understand and relate to images and colors more effectively than text. When we see color swatches, our brain processes these visual cues almost instantly. The visual impact is immediate and more engaging. Everyone has a favorite color!


Using color swatches helps sell more products because they simplify the decision process. Customers often have a specific image in mind of what they want. Seeing the actual color helps them quickly match that mental image with the available options in your store. This helps them reduce hesitation and leads to quicker sales.


A better, more intuitive shopping experience makes the site more appealing and user-friendly. This will attract more customers and encourage them to spend more time on the site, exploring different colors. Color swatches provide a visually rich experience that can entice customers and lead to more successful sales.


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