Is Shopify POS Go the Best New Mobile Point of Sale?

Is Shopify POS Go the Best New Mobile Point of Sale?

February 15th, 2024

Shopify announces their new all-in-one point of sale. Is the Shopify POS Go the only POS you'll need for you business? Let's find out.

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Review of Shopify's Mobile POS Go


The landscape of ecommerce in 2024 has dramatically shifted to portable checkout, reflecting the evolving preferences of customers who now seek more freedom and convenience in their shopping experiences. Imagine the ease of browsing through your favorite store, finding the perfect item and completing your purchase without standing in line to checkout. This on-the-go checkout approach, pioneered by companies like Apple with their roaming staff, is not just a trend but the future of retail. As a store owner, embracing this dynamic strategy means offering your customers the seamless and liberated shopping journey they now expect. Welcome to the era where the entire store is your checkout counter.


Luckily, Shopify has launched their new all-in-one point-of-sale (POS) system called Shopify POS Go. It's a fully integrated barcode scanner, card reader, tap device and POS platform in a single device that is no bigger than an iPhone. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? The compact size makes it the perfect device for any pop-up shop, mobile food truck, swap meet, farmers market and more. Is this the ultimate new POS device? Our Shopify POS Development Team has been using the device and we feel it's going to make your retail super dynamic in 2024.


Hands-on Overview of the Shopify POS Go


The Power of Shopify POS Go


We're used to thinking of a point-of-sale system as anchored to a store counter. Shopify is looking to streamline the process with a new smaller form factor that you can hold in your hand. All the hardware and software are in a single handheld system. Everything you'll need to service your customers is available right in the palm of your hand, which means there's no need for a separate tablet or card reader. Shopify has put it all together in one sleek easy-to-use package. Our Shopify development team supports many POS projects so we're excited about how easy it is to use and how well it does everything.


The Shopify POS Go is compact like an iPhone


Setup and Configuration


We love the Shopify POS Go because setup and configuration is easy. You can get your store up and running in no time. The unit connects to your store's wifi and automatically downloads software updates and store information. You simply need to login to your Shopify account from the device and you are up and running. Like the tablet POS, it will import the critical store details and allow for basic offline usage too.


The POS Go has a near identical UI (except for the form factor) as the tablet-based app. You can use the same tiles and apps for both devices. Once you activate the POS Go, it will connect to your store and download the same configuration as your tablet POS. Both units will access the same products, inventory and orders, so your team can easily switch between devices. If you checkout a customer on the mobile POS Go unit, then the tablet-based staff can pull up the order and see the details. Your whole ecosystem is connected.


The Shopify POS and Shopify POS Go provide the same interface to make it easy


When you compare it to a tablet, you can see how compact and portal the POS Go device can be. It's great for any retail location, however we can really see it shine for pop-up shops or flea market locations where a dedicated setup is more difficult. If you've ever shopped at the Apple store, you know how great it is to wander the shop and have an associate help you from any location. This is exactly what you get with the Shopify POS Go.


Taking Payments


It's not always easy to accept payments at mobile or dynamic locations like a food truck or flea market and the POS Go aims to solve that issue. The device connects via wifi so you can say goodbye to complicated Bluetooth pairing for external card readers. The POS Go device is fully integrated to read credit cards, take tap payments, swipe cards and manually enter payment details. Of course you can handle cash, gift cards and other "custom" payment type that you create. These custom checkouts are basically an easy way to bypass the existing types and you will have to handle reconciliation manually. All credit card transactions use Shopify Payments. Everyone on your team can have their own terminal to take payments directly from customers.


The Shopify POS ecosystem help bridge your online and retail stores


Integrated Barcode Scanner


Running a retail outlet can get complicated with so many different devices and systems all needing attention. POS Go cuts through the complexity and gives you everything in a single device.  Your staff can keep the POS Go in their pocket and quickly help customers in one easy step including scanning items. The POS Go has an integrated 1D/2D barcode scanner built into the unit.


The Shopify POS Go has a barcode scanner built-in


There's no need for a separate scan gun, it's a single device that makes checkout lightning fast. The integrated scanner sits at the top the unit.  Using the scan button on either side of the device, team members can look-up product details, check availability across all connected locations, view customer info and provide product pricing information. Just point and click to scan any barcode in your system. The POS Go is connected to your main Shopify store so any existing barcode will be searched and returned. This can be used for many in-store purposes.


Integrated scanner


Handheld Mobile Portability


The Shopify POS Go is a 5.5-inch touchscreen device that comes with a case to support one-handed operation. The small form-factor gives you the ability to move freely and provide customer service anywhere within the store. It's not much bigger than an iPhone and can easily be used with one hand. There's even some nice haptic feedback that helps confirm your typing.


The Shopify POS Go fits in one hand


The bottom of the case has an adjustable strap to make one-hand usage a breeze. There is a nice amount of stretch to the strap so it's easy to hold:


The Shopify POS Go has a handy strap for easy usage


Omnichannel Selling With POS Go


Using Shopify combined with Shopify POS you'll discover that your online and physical stores can work amazingly well together. Every time you make a sale via the POS, your online inventory automatically updates. This real time syncing means you won't have to worry about selling out of stock items. Both your retail and online store will always have the correct stock values. 


A unified solution puts all your customer information in one place so you can offer personalized shopping experiences. whether your customers are browsing online or walking into your store, you can keep it all consistent across all channels. Keeping an eye on customer and sales data from your stores, you can make smarter decisions and marketing strategies.



The Future of Retail is Dynamic


As we look towards the future of retail, the transition to more dynamic retail options is a revolution in our collective approach to customer service and sales. Devices like the Shopify POS Go eliminate the physical barriers of traditional checkout and opens up opportunities for more engaging customer interactions. Your sales associates can now provide instant product information, recommendations and process payments anywhere in the store. Every corner is now a potential point of sale. This level of flexibility and efficiency not only caters to the modern consumer but also signals a significant shift in retail dynamics.


Stores that adopt this forward-thinking approach will not only stay ahead in the competitive market but will also forge stronger connections with their customers, ensuring a dynamic, responsive, and ultimately more successful retail environment.


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