Launching a New Mobile App for Brave Trails Family Camp

Launching a New Mobile App for Brave Trails Family Camp

February 21st, 2023

The Sunrise Integration mobile development team designed and launched the Brave Trails Family Camp app to help families stay connected and informed.

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Brave Trails is the Magic of Camp


Brave Trails Family Camp is a weekend-long adventure filled with exciting activities, LGBTQ pride, and all the fun of a quintessential camp experience. It's designed to be a place where campers can make lifelong family memories. Brave Trails wanted to enhance this connection and develop a mobile app to make it easier for families and campers to interact.


Brave Trails approached Sunrise Integration to design and develop the mobile app. Brave Trails wanted an app to help communicate events, display meals and allow campers to connect with other attendees. The Sunrise Integration mobile team went to work on the project to have it ready for the February 2023 Family Camp session.


Brave Trails mobile app developed by Sunrise Integration

Camp Goes Mobile


Brave Trails wanted to modernize their camping experience by providing attendees with a mobile experience. Campers could use the app to search for daily events, view the meals, connect with other campers and look up staff. Brave Trails met with Sunrise Integration and provided their requirements. The overall goal was to design a simple, convenient app for family members of all ages to enjoy.


Our team gathered all the details and ideas about the desired use case. We always start with a discovery where we review features, timelines, key points, design ideas and more. Once that step is completed, we use that information to form a project plan with the main Brave Trails stakeholders. Once the discovery is complete, our design team takes over.


Our talented in-house UX and UI designers gather critical user-personas, style guides and research to create wireframes and prototypes for the mobile app. We presented a few different design directions to provide Brave Trails with some options for the UI. They ultimately choose a clean and light design that showcases some eye-catching images from the camp.

Getting the UI/UX Just Right


The most important part of any app design is the user experience. If the app doesn't properly serve the audience, then it's essentually useless. Our design team has a comprehensive process to ensure we meet the needs of the intended users. Our process for Brave Trails included outlining the user personas and understanding the customer journey.


The first step is creating the user personas. This is the process of establishing the app's target users and understanding their specific needs.


Customer journey mapping includes an outline of a user's experience and expectations, which helps identify how each persona will interact with the app.

mobile apps screen bravetrails 2

Bringing Families Together in the App


Once the design was approved, the development team was ready to work on the app. There were four main features that the app needed to have:


  • Event List: The camp features lots of great events throughout each day and the camp needed an easy way for users to see each day's events.

  • Meal List: Another important part of camp is the great food that's available each day. The app needed to show and describe each meal along with the ingredients to ensure food allergies and meal types were properly addressed.

  • User and Staff Profiles: All of the staff members and campers have the ability to create an account. Users of the app can find other members and staff directly within the app.

  • User/Profile Sharing: One big aspect of the app is for campers to share their profile and create connections with others. The app lets users enter their social media and optionally share links with other campers. Users can then easily link to any member's TikTok, Instagram or Facebook.

The app is a great tool for campers and families to communicate with each other to enhance their interactive camp experience. Brave Trails is expecting quick adoption of the app during the camp weekend.


"The new Brave Trails app allows us to provide our families an exceptional experience while they join us at camp. We are fortunate to have worked with a company that understood our needs and helped us create a product that will truly help us to eliminate communication barriers with our community. We love the clean design and intuitive settings. "

-- Jake Young, Communications Director


Live in the App Store


It's important that every app design is realistic and useful for the end-user. Our team is always excited when we can meet all of the stakeholders’ expectations and launch the app live in the App Store. The Brave Trails app was completed in January and pushed to the App Store in time for the February 2023 camp sessions. We look forward to future updates and feature additions for the Brave Trails app.


The Brave Trails mobile app is live!


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