Launching Geo-redundant Infrastructure on AWS for One of the Largest Global DTC Brands

Launching Geo-redundant Infrastructure on AWS for One of the Largest Global DTC Brands

November 22nd, 2021

To keep up with the explosive DTC growth outside the USA, we've launched a geo-redundant infrastructure for one of the largest Global direct to consumer brands.

Sunrise Integration
  by Sunrise Integration

Sunrise Integration launches a geo-redundant infrastructure for Quay Australia's online services including ecommerce, API communication, retail POS and manufacturing portal. Using a combination of modern React.js development, Node JS backend services and multi-node containers, Sunrise Integration designed a multi-regional, auto-scaling infrastructure on the AWS platform. The service is designed to grow and meet the online global demand to ensure uptime and connectivity.


Quay Australia is a leading eyewear and accessory manufacturer with over 2,000 retailers worldwide stocking the brand. Quay has their own retail outlets in California, Nevada, Texas, Arizona, and Florida. With such a wildly successful and growing brand, Quay Australia needed to ensure their online services could scale to handle demand from across the country. The Sunrise Integration development  team got to work designing a solution that provides geographic redundancy and high availability at multiple regions across the USA.


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The core technology features front-end apps developed using React.js and backend systems using Node.js. Using a highly-available design, the Quay system is able to handle 10,000+ API calls per second. Our team focused on maintaining performance of Quay's applications by deploying services across multiple zones to provide fault tolerance. If any region fails, the web traffic is automatically diverted to another regional to maintain connectivity. Meanwhile, the services are designed to automatically create replacement instances and repair any faulty nodes leading to highly available platform. 


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Sunrise Integration has been working with Quay for 4+ years as their development and technology partner. We look forward to even more great innovations as Quay expands their brand to more retail stores and outlets.

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