Postscript SMS Extension for Shogun Frontend Developed by Sunrise Integration

Postscript SMS Extension for Shogun Frontend Developed by Sunrise Integration

March 4th, 2022

The Postscript SMS extension for Shogun Frontend is now available via the development team at Sunrise Integration.

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Postscript SMS Extension for Shogun Frontend


As a development partner for Shogun Frontend, we're proud to announce the release of our first extension for the platform, Postscript SMS.


Postscript is an SMS tool that helps merchants build strong customer relationships across the entire buying experience via SMS marketing. The Postscript platform features everything a store owner needs to build a compliant SMS subscriber list. Postscript is deeply integrated with the Shopify ecosystem and now Sunrise Integration brings this power to Shogun Frontend.


Postscript SMS NPM Package


The Postscript extension for Shogun Frontend allows store owners to collect both phone numbers and emails via pop-ups on Shogun Frontend. The extension lets you select when and where on your site the popups will appear.  With Postscript, you can create subscriber and customer segments and then schedule campaigns for your subscriber base.


The Postscript extension is available as an NPM package (download now) or installed directly via NPM.


Shogun Frontend Headless Platform


Shogun Frontend is the #1 headless ecommerce platform. Shogun Frontend works with Shopify and BigCommerce to create a fast and powerful Progressive Web App (PWA) with super fast load times. The Postscript extension installs directly into the Shogun Frontend native CMS, making changes and automation easier than ever before.


Developing for Shogun Frontend


The Sunrise Integration ecommerce development team is excited to be an integration partner with Shogun Frontend. The team is hard at work developing even more extensions and we look forward to a long-term partnership with Shogun. Watch out for more great integrations in the near future.


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