Sunrise Integration is now a Certified Shogun Frontend Development Team

Sunrise Integration is a certified development team for the Shogun Frontend headless platform.

Sunrise Integration
Sunrise Integration

We are Certified Shogun Frontend Developers

Shogun Frontend is the leading ecommerce headless Progressive Web App (PWA) platform and Sunrise Integration is now a certified development partner. Our expert React development team can design, develop and manage your Shogun Frontend project including custom enterprise integrations. If you're looking for leading-edge technology to take your ecommerce store to the next level, let us show you how Shogun Frontend can unlock features you never thought possible.


What is headless commerce?

Headless commerce is an architecture where the front-end UI/UX is decoupled from the back-end system and data. This separation allows the back-end and front-end to be updated independently without interfering with each other. Using an API, the front-end communicates with the back-end data creating an independent presentation layer. The headless commerce system passes the requests between the presentation and application layers using these API calls. Front-end developers can more easily make changes without worrying about the backend complexities or limitations. Development is easier because changes are made independently to the front-end and back-end.




Headless architecture gives brands more freedom to build custom user experiences by allowing front-end developers to work with powerful front-end frameworks. Shogun Frontend is a packaged platform that provides everything you need to go headless with the power to customize. 


What is Shogun Frontend?

Shogun Frontend is a packaged platform that lets brands create an exceptional shopping experience using a "headless" presentation layer that works with existing commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento or Bigcommerce. Shogun Frontend features a native CMS that facilitates quick changes at scale and product catalog updates through a low-code interface.


Expert developement agencies like Sunrise Integration can extend these features via custom React.js programming creating endless opportunites for unique customer experiences.


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Progressive Web App (PWA) technology is at the core of Shogun Frontend allowing for exceptional speed. A PWA first loads as a static web page and then progressively becomes a “single page web application” in your browser. The reduced data requirement provides incredible speed and performance benefits. Shogun users can expect load times of 2 seconds or less. Mobile-first brands seeking a custom, fast, and rich experience know that a Shogun Frontend PWA is the best route to headless commerce.


Why Should You Use Shogun Frontend

Enterprise brands have critical needs when it comes to their ecommerce experience. In order to retain customers, brands must consider factors like page speed, user experience, editing capabilities, and management needs. These are all common indicators about the quality of your ecommerce platform. If your ecommerce implementation is encoutering issues in any of these catagories then it may be time to consider a new development. This is where Sunrise Integration can help.


Sunrise Integration is your Enterprise Shogun Frontend Development Partner

If your brand is looking to upgrade your site's customer experience and increase conversion rates then it's time to think about a headless solution Like Shogun Frontend. Our enteprise design and development team at Sunrise Integration can create a custom ecommerce solution like no other. Our experienced React.js programmers can further extend your design with custom components that work directly with Shogun Frontend.


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If you’re using Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, or Magento as your backend ecommerce platform, then Sunrise Integration can develop a Shogun Frontend headless solution for your brand. Contact us today to discuss your Shogun Frontend project.