Sunrise Gives: Helping Families Live Healthier Lives with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

Sunrise Gives: Helping Families Live Healthier Lives with the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

July 25th, 2023

This month we're supporting the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles as part of the Sunrise Gives program.

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  by Sunrise Integration

If you’re a parent to young children or have young relatives, you understand how important it is that they receive high-quality healthcare if and when they should need it. This is certainly the case here at Sunrise Integration as many people on our team have young children in their families. Ron, our VP of Strategic Accounts and Innovation is a proud father himself and has chosen the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to receive a donation as part of our Sunrise Gives program. Fun fact: the CHLA is our neighbor in Hollywood–about a 5-minute drive down Sunset Blvd from the Sunrise Integration headquarters!


As a highly regarded pediatric hospital, the CHLA provides comprehensive pediatric specialties and subspecialties to youth and young adults aged 0 to 21 throughout California and the west coast. It’s also home to one of the biggest and most productive pediatric research centers in the Western United States.


Ron has seen firsthand the difference that CHLA can make in the lives of children and their families. “My daughter had hip dysplasia as an infant, which was caught and diagnosed late,” he says. “Our family spent quite a bit of time in the orthopedic ward of the CHLA. The hospital is both emotional and inspiring, helping children of all ages with treatment for chronic, terminal, often complex, and sometimes rare medical problems.”


While most of the families at CHLA are from Los Angeles County, many come from much further away because they’re unable to receive proper care from physicians anywhere else. The importance of CHLA’s services can’t be overstated as they often treat patients from underserved communities with limited resources for treatment or solutions. 


“CHLA has an incredible staff and facility that provides critical research towards developing new advancements in medical care for children while training the next generation of pediatric medical professionals,” says Ron.


If you’d like to support the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, please visit


Through our Sunrise Gives initiative, we strive to bring a positive impact to our communities. Every few months, we ask a member of our team to choose a nonprofit that’s close to their heart to receive a contribution from Sunrise Integration.


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