Sunrise Gives: Helping LGBTQ+ Youth Find Their People, Place & Passion

November 29th, 2021

We're lending our support this month to Camp Brave Trails. Brave Trails is dedicated to providing a safe space and leadership training for LGBTQ+ youth ages 12-18.

Sunrise Integration
  by Sunrise Integration

Camp Brave Trails is dedicated to providing a safe space and leadership training for LGBTQ+ youth ages 12-18.  Hosted at sites in both Los Angeles and Maryland, these camps offer teens from all over the country and internationally a place to be themselves, learn their history, and pursue their passion to create a better world. 


LGBTQ+ youth in our society are becoming more accepted, but many still face persecution, loneliness, depression and isolation.  Bullying and harassment are still far too common.  Some kids don’t know any out LGBTQ role models personally or don’t have many LGBTQ friends.  Camp Brave Trails provides a safe space for these youth to bond with other kids like them.  Additionally, Brave Trails teaches them the leadership skills to go out into the world and advocate for themselves and their community. 


Sunrise’s own CEO, Coby Pfaff, has also served as the Operations Director for Brave Trails since it was founded in 2014.  As a summer camp kid himself, Coby knows the power of camp to transform youths’ lives.  And as a gay man, Coby feels called to be the role model for LGBTQ+ youth that he wished he’d had when he was growing up. 


“I see the magic of camp transform these kids every summer.  It’s like giving water, light, and love to a thirsty plant – the growth is truly remarkable.  We are often told by the kids and parents that come to Brave Trails that camp saved their life. And then we see these kids go back to their communities and fight for their rights, start a gay-straight alliance at their school, or advocate for gender-neutral restrooms.  I’m so proud to serve such an inspiring nonprofit and am honored to get the privilege to watch these youth blossom into confident, proud, young adults.”


If you'd like to support Brave Trails, please visit


Sunrise Gives strives to bring a positive impact to our communities. Every month, a member of our team chooses a charity that’s close to their heart and Sunrise Integration will make a contribution to that organization.

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