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Custom Katana MRP Development and Integrations


Katana is manufacturing ERP software for total visibility. Manage all the moving parts of your business — inventory, sales, and beyond. Connect directly to your sales channels such as Shopify and WooCommerce as well as your financial systems like Quickbooks Online and Xero to enable complete control over your manufacturing business.


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Benefits of Katana

  • Live inventory management:  Optimize and control your products and raw materials.

  • Real-time master planning: Manage production, scheduling, and resources in one place

  • Total shop floor control: Track floor-level operations from scheduling to task prioritization

  • Omnichannel order management: Manage B2B and e-commerce sales orders in one platform.

  • End-to-end traceability: Track batches, materials, expiry dates, and more. 


What are the main advantages of using Katana?

Katana MRP meets the usability standards of the digital era, giving you software that is both powerful and easy to use. With Katana MRP, you get more than a manufacturing ERP. Katana evolves with you and comes with a team of top-notch specialists who want you to thrive.

Building Creative Solutions / Working Magic with Katana 

Sunrise Integration works with Katana to develop:

  • Custom API Integrations

  • Strategic and Advisory Plans

  • Custom Workflows

  • Integrations Management

  • Custom Middleware Development

  • Data Compliance and Reporting

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