Tableau Integration and Development


Tableau is a data visualization tool which provides pictorial and graphical representations of data. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you can uncover the hidden insights you need to make impactful business decisions faster. All while leveraging trusted and governed data in a secure self-service environment.

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Sunrise Integration Gets Your Business Connected with Tableau

Benefits of Tableau


  • Quickly Create Interactive Visualization

  • Comfortable Implementation

  • Easily Handles Large Amounts of Data

  • Ability to Use Other Scripting Language

  • Mobile-Friendly

  • Extensive Customer Resources

  • Excellent Mobile Support




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Building Creative Solutions

Sunrise Integration leverages Tableau to provide...


  • Custom API Integration

  • Strategy and Advisory

  • Custom Workflows

  • Integrations Management

  • Custom Middleware Development

  • Data Compliance and Reporting