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Design UI/UX and Conversion Rate Optimization

A properly developed user experience is crucial to the success of any website, service or application. The Sunrise Integration web team focuses on the design architecture to optimize the experience for conversion rate optimization (CRO).

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Good design leads to higher conversions and customer satisfaction

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Four Pillars of Good Design


User Interface design is more than just creating images or making the product look pleasing. A good user experience needs to dig deeper into the psychological aspects of the journey. Our design team considers four pillars that make up good design:


  1. Usable

  2. Equitable

  3. Enjoyable

  4. Useful


The design starts early in the process and we use this stage to start collaborating with the stakeholders to determine the company culture, style, color palettes, logos and layouts.

Focus On Conversion Rate Optimization


We use great website design to increase the percentage of visitors who complete a desired call-to-action, such as making a purchase or downloading an app. It is important because it helps increase the overall effectiveness of a website by improving the design and making it easier for visitors to take the desired action.

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We Focus on the Customer Journey


What motivates your customer? Why are they coming to your site or using your service? Your app, site or services need to consider this full end-to-end journey when designing the best user experience. You must set up your customer for success if you want your store to be rewarded with a higher CRO.


Our design team considers this full end-to-end journey when creating the best user experience for your project. We set your customer up for success which leads to a higher CRO.


Good CRO requires a deep understanding of user behavior, and your website’s goals. It's an ongoing process that requires monitoring and testing to ensure optimal performance.



Trigger - Something happens in your target customer’s world. They need what you're offering.


Orbit - Your customer has to decide whether they visit your site, use your product or service, or go to the competition.


Your Ecosystem - Once customers reach your ecosystem, are they happy? Satisfied? Frustrated? Struggling?


Action - Your customer has left the ecosystem, but they may still have further decisions to make.

Good Design Leads to Great Ecommerce Conversion

Our end-to-end design and development services take a deep look into your ecosystem to provide the best solution to increase your conversions. We're ready to build everything from responsive UI designs, logical navigation, highly accessible design and "shoppablity" improvements.

Our ecommerce development team works directly with you to ensure your store is operating at optimal efficiency. We ask one simple question, "How shoppable is your store?" Our design team works with you to seek the insights into this question by carefully reviewing the elements of your store. This process yields incredible results that lead to more customers and sales conversion for your business.


Our process makes your store better!

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