Entertainment Industry  Development Services

Directly from the heart of Hollywood, Sunrise Integration develops apps, media software, platform sites, ecommerce and entertainment solutions for studios, event companies, entertainment companies and celebrity brands focused on today's technology driven lifestyle.


Ecommerce, Software and App Development

The movie, televsion and music industries have all gone digital. Media streaming and ecommerce all communicate via custom API integrations and applications so you need a technology partner who knows the demands of entertainment consumption.

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Solutions for the Entertainment Industry

  • Video streaming integration and VOD

  • Mobile app development for events and premieres

  • Platform media apps (Apple TV, Android TV, Roku)

  • Ecommerce POS for media pop-up events

  • Mobile app development

  • Gaming industry apps and platform services

  • Digital audio and video asset management for digital purchases

  • Ecommerce integration for ticketing and on demand services

  • High demand availability consultation services

  • Content delivery (CDN), S3 DevOps

  • Software development and design

  • API integration and creation

  • Merchandise and DTG integration services

Infrastructure for High Availability

Media streaming comes with heavy bandwidth requirements to service millions of connections. It's a complex infrastructure problem that requires DevOps professionals who know how to scale

We Solve Your Media Bandwidth Problems

The explosion of mobile apps, smart TVs, streaming audio and video games means the demand for bandwidth is greater than ever. Your customers want to be online 24 hours a day so you need a team who knows how to design for high availability applications and event bursts.


  • Cloud hosting and content delivery experts

  • AWS, Google Cloud, Azure development

  • Auto scaling infrastructure to match demand

  • Media security and encryption

  • Geo redundancy and low latency architecture


We Know Hollywood

Los Angeles entertainment companies around sunrise integration

Hollywood is our home. Located right on Sunset Boulevard, we're neighbors with the biggest movie studios, streaming networks and music labels. We have worked with clients such as Universal Music Group, Live Nation, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Kardashians, Warped Tour and many others. We know what the industry needs to compete.

Entertainment Brands Have Specialized Needs

Entertainment companies are always under short deadlines and in high demand for hollywood events, shows, movie premieres, games, artists / influencers, sports teams and more. Entertainment brands need a tech partner who understands these demands and can work under pressure.

If you work for a large entertainment company and need to launch an e-commerce store, develop a mobile app, merchandise logistics or need to monetize your event or media activity, then we're here for you.

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Services that big brands need

Let Sunrise Integration solve the biggest problems faced by today's entertainment companies and public brands:


  • Ecommerce can be complicated for large brands and events. You need an ecommerce expert to help configure merchant services and event point of sale.

  • Scaling to meet the demand of heavy web traffic and orders means you need a team who knows high availability infrastructure.

  • Shipment and logistics to get merchandise into the hands of your customers on a timely basis to help with brand loyalty.

  • Mobile apps for movie premieres, shows and entertainment platforms bring the event into the hands of your fans and customers.

  • Enterprise ERP and CRM to collect customer information for mailing lists and post purchase marketing.

  • Supplement your team with the technology experts from Sunrise Integration