How We Built a Retail POS Integration for Beverly Hills Luxury Fashion Retailer Peri.A

Peri-A Artfully curated luxury boutique
Peri.A used Shopify POS for integrated omni-channel experience

First Glance

Fashion Boutique Needs Custom POS Features


Beverly Hills luxury boutique Peri.A specializes in eclectic, high-fashion apparel and accessories. They were having trouble reconciling one-of-a-kind items and inventory allocation between channels in their retail location and online store. How could Peri.A ensure customers that could find the unique items they wanted and feel confident the item was in stock? With a Shopify POS upgrade and custom app development by Sunrise Integration of course!


Peri.A is a boutique in Beverly Hills offering hot designers before they're hot gossip!



The Challenge

In 2017 the Peri.A boutique opened in Beverly Hills bringing luxury brands to the shoppers of Los Angeles. The 2,400 square-foot retail location stocked handbags, apparel and other unique items. In addition to the brick-and-mortar store, Peri.A also featured a newly-launched Shopify store. The team at Peri.A wanted to merge the retail and online experience with multi-platform gift cards, inventory management and POS functionality. Peri.A called upon the expert ecommerce development team at Sunrise Integration to configure the required Shopify connections.


The integration project came with a few challenges (you know we love a good challenge). First, the existing Springboard POS would need migration to Shopify POS to allow for integrated inventory. The Peri.A team wanted to offer online and in-store gift cards, so a multi-location solution was needed. They also required a custom POS app to facilitate FedEx shipping for international customers who needed to ship their merchandise from the physical store. Knowing these requirements, the Sunrise Integration Shopify POS development team outlined a plan to utilize Shopify as an omni-channel solution.


Peri A opened a new store on Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, California



The Solution

The Peri.A retail location in Beverly Hills needed some ecommerce updates including POS upgrade, custom shipping app and in-store/online gift cards. Sunrise Integration was brought in to solve the problems and update the retail location's services via custom developments.


Migrate to Shopify POS


The Peri.A brick-and-mortar location began with the Springboard POS. Since Peri.A had a complementary online Shopify site, the store wanted a deeper integration to marry the inventory, orders and customers. The solution was to migrate the retail location to the Shopify POS. Our data migration team started by mapping all of the information and the desired historical retention. The data from Springboard was carefully imported into Shopify using a sanitizing ETL process to ensure data integrity. Wireless barcode scanners are utilized so all the inventory was verified and cataloged in Shopify via the UPC of each product. The store was then able to easily find products to share inventory in-store and online.


Peri.A inventory needed updated barcode scanners


Custom POS Shipping App


With the new Shopify POS now configured at the store, Peri.A needed custom features to handle the unique shipping requirements for certain clientele. International customers preferred to purchase in-store and have the items shipped rather than carry them back home. This meant the POS needed a direct connection with a shipping integration to allow the sales team to enter shipping data at the point of purchase. This is where we developed a custom Shopify POS app to add carrier services. The app pulls real-time rating and insurance information from FedEx based on the customer's shipping address. The sales team can then add the additional shipping costs to the checkout with a simple click.


Online and In-store Gift Cards


Peri.A wanted to give customers the flexibility to use the same gift cards online and in-store. Our data team was able to migrate the existing gift card balances over to Shopify while creating custom physical cards for the store. The gift card values and balances are now available for customers in-store or via the online store.


Peri.A uses Shopify POS to integrate their online and retail stores


The Outcome


The team at Peri.A was looking for a deeper omnichannel solution for their Beverly Hills store to attract modern customers who desired online and in-store flexibility. By upgrading their old POS to a Shopify solution, the store could offer integrated product inventory and gift card solutions. The staff was able to quickly fulfill orders and ensure the availability of the unique items they sell. Our ecommerce team was excited to leverage expert Shopify experience to help launch and maintain the system for this growing luxury retail business.